Encounter groups; old people remember life before the internet; What’s your dream, and what’s the obstacle?

I just watched this video:


Isolation is the dream-killer, not your attitude. I’m wondering if this lady is an ESTJ. I’m not sure. I’m envisioning what my church would do, and I said that people needed free psychotherapy,
challenging interactions with others. This video is about asking for what you want and getting it from a group of people who have the resources. What is your dream, and what is the obstacle?

My dream is: being able to think a thought without being interrupted by constant electronic zaps, and the obstacle is… everything. Shielded rooms are expensive. Society doesn’t yet acknowledge that this problem exists. I don’t have a house where I could put this shielded room, and I don’t own any land. I have other urgent problems that always get priority over this.

Tomorrow is the day when my shungite rocks are scheduled to be delivered. I’m going to find out if I feel any sensations at all from them, to see if they really do have any potential to be used as shielding material, or if it’s all just a big marketing ploy to sell shungite.

I want to sleep without being woken up, until my body decides to wake up on its own. I want to enter REM sleep without my dreams being artificially scripted by soul murderers. I want to know what MY SOUL has to say, not what someone else thinks I need to be brainwashed with while sleeping.

Googling ‘encounter groups’ gets interesting results that I’d like to look into, but I might do that later – I’m going to try to go to town and get a bike lock.

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