I definitely don’t trust the Ra from Law of One

Gmail just updated itself on my phone without my consent, and now it shows an ellipsis where it used to ask me if I want to include quoted material. So this may, or may not, post the previous blog along with this one.

Anyway, I just read today about somebody who got paid to create a new religion, by people who seemed like extraterrestrials. That was in 2008. Right around that time, the voices had me creating Anaya. My religion and his have a couple things in common.

The Law of One, by one of the Ra, is always being referenced by the Cosmic Disclosure people. But I don’t like it at all when I read it. I don’t know how to say this. It seems technologically untruthful. It sounds all fancy-schmancy, but the factual reality of it does not compute.

I just happened to see another page quoting the LOO again and had that same feeling, but that feeling was strengthened by the fact that I had just read, only earlier today, about that guy being paid to create a religion. He said that the religion he was asked to create was not required to be factually true in reality. He was paid to do this and paid to market it and spread it, which he did, successfully.

Law Of One feels that way. Somebody made it sound pseudo-insightful. But to me, it doesn’t really inform us of anything specific that could only be known by some super advanced race, and in fact, I read something blatantly wrong from it recently, where it said that the subconscious mind creates the dreams you dream at night. This is just blatantly false. Dreams are written by external people and injected into your brain. Lies and factual errors do not lead me to trust an allegedly super highly advanced alien who supposedly knows things we don’t.

I really don’t like the Law of One and I don’t think I ever will, no matter how much David and/or Corey like it. And I actually feel better having something solid to explain why I don’t like it or trust it. This person being paid to create a religion, with the requirements that it did not need to be factually or scientifically true, and he succeeded at this, just adds weight to my distrust of the Ra and LOO.

On Jun 4, 2017 1:09 PM, "Nicole Binns" <eagledove9> wrote:

I JUST fixed the bike and got it back yesterday. I paid this money to
have it fixed and I am not going to let it get stolen again. Well, on
the way to the UU church, the bike lock somehow magically fell out of
my pocket and vanished into another universe never to be seen again.
Unlike my coat, it’s not hanging on the coat rack at Aunt Jean’s house
ready for me to pick it up anytime I want to (that’s where the missing
coat went). I didn’t even feel it, see it, or hear it falling out of
my pocket. I retraced my steps on the way back, and it was completely
gone. I am furious! For now, I brought my bike up inside the
apartment. I will have to hide it behind the building at work so it
won’t get stolen. Then I have to pay for a new bike lock.

Okay. I did make it to the UU church.

As I knew to expect, the information was hitting the wrong socionic
functions, although I felt that it was more intelligent and more
meaningful than the stuff I heard at the Christ Community Church. I’m
guessing this is probably Beta NF information, +Fe -Ni. I’m not
absolutely sure of that.

However, what I gain by going to churches is, I am slowly assembling
an idea of what Anaya is and what it is not, by seeing what other
religions and churches do.

They did not have loud blaring music, so my ears aren’t ringing. We
sang hymns from a book, and that’s okay, although my hearing isn’t as
good as it used to be, and so it’s hard for me to hear my own voice
and know if I’m in key. It was not a whole bunch of talk about Jesus
and it wasn’t all taken out of the bible, which is good. However, it
was about general ‘spirituology.’ Or spirituality. Or whatever. It
was vague stuff about ‘the journey’ and ‘the transitions’ and ‘rites
of passage’ because I just happened to go there on a day when they
were doing a rite of passage for young children and older teenagers
becoming young adults.

I know that this is probably Beta NF stuff because it does, in fact,
seem sort of admirable and intelligent, yet simultaneously totally
useless to me at the same time. It wasn’t just outright stupid or
outright meaningless. But it was still useless.

I might go again, however I’d also be curious to try the silent Quaker
meeting that the taxi driver mentioned to me before. That’s basically
silent group meditation with a few brief minutes where somebody might
talk if they feel the need to.

Part of this is because I need to explain how Anaya even qualifies as
a ‘religion.’ How can I call myself a religion whenever I’m not even
talking about ‘spirituology?’

One thing I’m pretty sure Anaya does is, we do have group meals, and
in fact, going to church would probably be primarily for the purpose
of going and eating a group meal together. The act of worship is
eating food. Anaya is very centered on food, and food-related rules
and guidelines are in Anaya, right after the guidelines about how to
grow your hair long.

This lack of a meal was painfully obvious to me. Having been rejected
recently by a sociopathic pedophile, I decided to go along with the
cruel and abusive voices in my head that have been making fun of me
for being too fat, even though in the big scheme of things I’m still
nowhere near fat by any reasonable definition. So I decided to try
drinking skim milk instead of whole milk, for starters, and ideally I
would quit dairy products altogether. And I have simply been eating
less in general for the last couple days. So all I had this morning
was a cup of instant espresso with skim milk and sugar and cinnamon.

Well, after sitting in church for a while my blood sugar was so low I
was ready to rip someone’s abdomen open and eat their liver with my
bare fangs, if I had any fangs, except for the fact that my fangs are
crumbling and breaking off. So I did not do that, due to the lack of
effective fangs. I just sat there quietly listening, and could not
bear to stay a second longer for the socializing afterwards, which I
really ought to have stayed for, but I was in so much pain from this
low blood sugar that I could not wait another minute, and I was
absolutely furious about losing my bike lock and wanted to retrace my
steps as soon as possible.

So I went to Weis Market, and now I am doing what might be called a
‘rebound’ in the world of dieting. Starve yourself for a brief time,
then binge on a bunch of stuff which is really horrible and which
totally undermines everything you were trying to do – in this case,
it’s a two liter of Coke.

This is not at all the way I would diet if I were able to plan my own
nutrition and make my own food. It is an extremely badly implemented,
badly planned diet.

I called Anaya a ‘practical religion.’ Anaya will be involved in
every moment of your life. Anaya feeds you and dictates your
hairstyle. Anaya guarantees that you have an income, and Anaya
supports you as you raise your children, and it will be a large number
of children. This UU church was plagued by the sin of depopulation –
there were very few children there, and most of the people were middle
aged and older. Young people need something, and the churches don’t
provide them with what they need. They don’t need these modern ‘rock
band’ churches either, though – that’s not helping them.

If your church doesn’t make strict rules that will protect your
children from getting autism, what’s the point of being in a church?
The church must strictly forbid its members from vaccinating their
children. If a church doesn’t make rules that will protect your
children from being born with irreversible deformities, what’s the
point of being in a church? Anaya requires that parents follow
certain rules, avoiding drugs and chemicals, and eating proper
nutrition, so as to prevent deformities in their children. Deformed
people will suffer and fail for an entire lifetime, and no matter how
hard they try, they can never achieve as much, or be as happy, or as
healthy, or as ‘moral,’ as the people who are perfectly healthy, fully
grown, and perfectly formed. Physical health leads to better morality
in the entire society, as Weston Price observed.

If your church doesn’t know about socionics, then how is it going to
deliver messages that everyone is able to hear? There will always be
certain types of people who just cannot gain anything at all from a
particular message if it’s said by a particular personality type.
That is the reason why Anaya begins, first of all, with only the ‘8th
house,’ the ISTP and ENFP, my own type and dual, so that its messages
are able to be heard by those types, and then gradually, if Anaya ever
grows, it will have some separate divisions for other socionic houses,
perhaps beginning with the 7th, INFJ and ESTJ, but they will be
governed separately and will have different needs and issues and will
want to live in a different kind of world.

Also, in a world where electronic mind control attacks are everywhere
and unavoidable, how can any religion fail to talk about the fact that
we no longer possess free will? How can any religion fail to provide
shielded rooms for its people? How can any religion fail to teach us
about how the attacks are being done, how to protect ourselves, and
how to take action to fight back against this world of slavery? That
is *very* relevant to *all* religions, because religions have
something to do with free will and our personal choices. Anaya
*explicitly* and overtly teaches about electronic mind control – it is
one of the most important teachings – and we practice meditation, and
observe our sensations and talk about the voices we hear, the attacks
we experience, how to distinguish the true self from the mind control,
and talk about what we would be able to do if we weren’t being
attacked. Anaya also provides shielded rooms – that is absolutely

I don’t know the details of how this would be done, but Anaya doesn’t
merely demand that its members eat healthy food – it *ensures* that
they do. Anaya must physically provide its people with food.

I still don’t feel back to normal after that low blood sugar. I’m
drinking Coke and I still feel sort of sick and hungry and irritated.

I saw Steve yesterday and gave him a hug. Usually, Steve’s drug
residues affect me strongly – he uses some kind of psychiatric meds
and also tobacco, and both of those residues go through my skin and
make me very irritable, so that could be partly why I feel this way
right now.

Another thing about churches, all churches: There has to be something
which demands, forces, and requires members to interact with other
people directly, not by mere ‘socializing’ in a group where random
people awkwardly struggle to have a conversation with other random
people, but something much deeper and more intense. It would be more
like psychotherapy, with detailed questioning, interrogation, and
extreme challenges. This must be a required part of church.
Psychotherapy for free – that should be the goal of this church.
Psychotherapy is extremely expensive, but Anaya provides. Something
you’d get for hundreds of dollars an hour can be found freely anytime
you want it.

‘Anaya provides’ must be a literal thing – not at all like the other
churches where God allegedly provides us with something, but in
reality fails to do anything for us at all. Thankfully, I didn’t get
that kind of crap from the UU church. They don’t go spouting a bunch
of false promises, and several of the people who got up and talked
were young people who considered themselves mostly atheists (young
people got up and gave speeches because today was the celebration of
the rite of passage for young people). That’s why I liked the UU in
the first place, because it tolerates atheism. Anaya must provide
something physical and material at its expense, to guarantee that the
physical lives of its people are very good.

Also, I appreciate it when churches are not hatefully anti-gay, and
the UU is explicitly welcoming for gays, lesbians, etc. HOWEVER…
One thing that makes Anaya special is that it simultaneously welcomes
people who are gay and lesbian, WHILE ALSO believing that the
increasing numbers of gays and lesbians are a problem similar to
autism – some kind of physical brain deformity that results from
exposure to drugs and chemicals, such as birth control pills that were
used shortly before their mother became pregnant.

We do not assume that homosexuality is a mere accident that just
happens and has to be accepted and tolerated because the people who
experience it can’t help themselves. Instead, we assume that yes,
they can’t help themselves and they do need to be loved, accepted, and
tolerated, but at the same time, we take action to prevent the birth
of gays and lesbians by means of making rules that forbid parents to
use drugs and chemicals that cause this deformity. I do view it as an
unnatural thing that has a cause, rather than a mere random thing
which occurs normally in the population. However, there might be a
very small amount of it that does appear randomly, with unknown
causes, which is yet another reason why we must simply welcome them
and accept them.

I don’t have time for this, but I’m getting requests from ‘them’ to
write about ‘the normalization of pedophilia.’ Since Matthew has been
accused of being a pedophile, this is relevant to him. The voices and
the electronic weapons constantly accused me, and all of their victims
(according to what I read online from all the fellow sufferers of
electronic weapon attacks) of being pedophiles – it seems to be the
universal accusation that all of us are hearing, along with
accusations of being homosexual. I think electronic weapons and mind
control are primarily used by pedophiles and homosexuals due to the
fact that they can’t find what they want in mainstream society, so
they can only get it by stealing it, looking through the walls of the
house to spy on the children, and reading the minds of people to find
out if they have homosexual fantasies. That would explain why nearly
all victims of electronic weapon attacks describe the voices accusing
them of pedophilia and homosexuality, and I experienced that very same
thing myself.

I did have *some* degree of agreement with the voices and mind control
accusing me of pedophilia, but I have to explain what part of the
argument that I agree with. I had written in my stories, which were
on the hard drive of a previous computer, being read by the computer
hackers, that skinny guys were the most attractive. I fetishize
extremely skinny guys and I like them much more than muscular large
guys. This is associated with liking teenage guys too. The mind
controllers found out about this and classified it along with
pedophilia as a fetish, an unusual preference for extremely skinny
guys instead of fully grown huge muscular men. I am not a pedophile
in the sense of being sexually aroused by children younger than 10 or
whatever age. Instead I am a person who feels most attracted to, and
falls in love with, men who are skinny to the extreme, including
people who are younger than 20 years old.

I don’t really feel like talking about this right now – I am actually
starting to calm down somewhat now that I have been drinking a whole
lot of sugar.

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  2. Nicole Says:

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