I visited Green Bank, WV. Now I want to visit Lake Onega, Karelia, Russia.


lake onega castle

lake onega castle

karelian shungite deposit ore mine

karelian shungite deposit ore mine

karelia onega lake visible magical peaceful strangeness seen with my eyes

karelia onega lake visible magical peaceful strangeness seen with my eyes

Those little titles under the pictures were just for my own use when I saved them on my computer, not really intended to be written there on the blog, but oh well, I will leave them there.  It put them there when it uploaded them.

That is where the shungite comes from. I have seen pictures containing large piles of shungite, and areas around Onega Lake, and there is something visible and invisible, which is captured in these photographs, that my eyes are able to see, except I cannot see it. Whatever it is, it is able to be captured in visible light and transmitted through a computer screen.

I don’t know if I’m imagining it, or hoping for it. I’ll know as soon as these shungite pieces and the tile get delivered. I’ll know if I want to try ordering more of it, or experiment with different grades of it, or wear jewelry made of it.

I would like to have a tiara over my head, with shungite pieces on it, if I feel that they are helpful. If they are helpful, I’d like an entire chain mail made with pieces of shungite.

I don’t know yet, and have to wait patiently for a few more days.

Karelia, Russia. Lake Onega. There is also a very weird castle there that keeps showing up in the pictures, with weirdly shaped rooftops. I don’t know what those are called. It might be a church. I haven’t looked it up yet, other than seeing it in the pictures.

They say that shungite makes the vortices spin the opposite way. It was like that’s what I saw in the one photo. My eyes were perplexed because an invisible thing was backwards. I’m sure no one else will be able to see this. Maybe I am just hoping for something that will finally help me a lot, and I can’t wait until it gets here. I won’t know until it does.

I need healing and I am going to get it somehow.

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