Ithkalsa was a liquid stone found on the fictional planet Darcon

I had all those stories on my hard drive, in the past, and the hackers read them. I wrote them in my teenage years. That’s why I started hearing voices commenting about things that had been written in those stories and in my very old journals that were also there, from the time period when I was with Rachael and she read my stories.

Ithkalsa was a liquid stone that looked like mercury. It was solid most of the time, but if it was touched by a living creature, it turned into liquid. So it’s piezo-something. Piezo-consciousness. It wasn’t just electricity, it was living beings that touched it. This was in my fiction stories. Darcon was destroyed and needed to be reawakened.

Those stories are the reason why the controllers are searching for a guy named ‘Luke.’ They found ‘Matthew,’ who was similar – a biblical name, plays the guitar, skinny with long hair. The name ‘Luke’ was given to this character I used to draw, not by me but by a classmate who sat in front of me and saw the cartoons. I drew the dog, and he wrote the name ‘Luke’ over it. The dog was an anthropomorphic dog with long hair, an Afghan hound, who played the guitar and was a homeless wanderer, although he sometimes lived in a world with a big group of other dogs, in a city area, a run-down place. I don’t know if they were subservient to humans or whether they were independent. I think they were independent. They had hands with fingers.

I might have spelled it ‘ithkhalsa’ or ‘ithkalsa,’ I forget. A solid stone that turns to liquid when touched by a living creature. Senses consciousness. Not just electricity, not just pressure, not just warmth.

That would helpful for keeping out robots. The robots can’t walk through the solid door, but a living creature can go through the liquid.

Their gods were the ascended cats. The cats, like the zoquix (good) and the chelton zix (evil) had wings – a blue and silver cheetah with wings, and a black lion with wings. They had magical powers and could do the typical magic-power-type stuff, like shooting energy at someone. The zoquix was a benevolent guardian who watched over everyone and protected them, but wasn’t directly involved most of the time. The chelton zix was capturing people and torturing them, for unknown reasons, with unknown motive.

The entire planet of Darcon was destroyed and had to be reawakened. At the moment, it is a black burned desert.

I was just reading the latest Cosmic Disclosure transcript on the Sphere Beings page and that’s what made me start thinking about materials and piezo effects. I’m still waiting for my shungite. I don’t think it shields against magnets. I was trying to build a motor powered entirely by magnets. That was in 2016. John Galt also invented a free energy motor in Atlas Shrugged, and they lived in Colorado (typo, I wrote ‘live’ in the present tense at first, and realized this is true). They *live* in Colorado, in Galt’s Gulch. If they don’t yet, then somebody has built it since then, or maybe they live in a nearby state. Is Colorado part of ‘Mormania,’ the area full of Mormons?

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