Shungite… now… and it had better work

I really, really, really need to block some negative energies right now. I am a little bit concerned about the fact that shungite comes in several different grades of ore, which I didn’t know when I bought it. To know if it’s real, supposedly you can use a voltage meter and get a current through it. I need to get a multimeter. I had one before the decon.

I drank tea for only two days, and my broken right bicuspid shattered even more. I’ve already seen correlations with tea and rapid severe tooth decay and breakage. Tea is not a health food, no matter how many "antioxidants" it contains. It is a poison.

I’m feeling once again that it’s time to leave this town, even though that will cut off a lot of people I know. I can treat it as a temporary vacation. And I don’t want to merely go to West Virginia for a week or two. I need to go to a completely different place, very far away, sunny and warm and with an ocean and mountains. I need massive, massive healing. I also need a huge decon of my clothing. All new clothes.

I’m waiting for the shungite, and I pray, I pray it works as well as people are saying. They are making very extreme claims about how miraculous it is, even when it’s not used to tile a shielded room, but merely worn as jewelry or in the pocket.

I want a tiara of semiprecious stones to amplify my brain field. It will probably have shungite in it.

I got free shipping on the shungite by using the slowest possible delivery method. So… wait and wait….

My mood is utterly horrible today. It’s bad enough I want to quit my job. I don’t know which specific things are triggering the extremely bad mood. I have done a lot of things that could be causing it – tea, essential oils,

Oh, fuck you, fire engine. I’m not happy with Matthew right now. Fire trucks remind me of him. He’s a volunteer fire fighter.

Anyway, tea, essential oils, and my live herbs (culinary), along with secondhand transdermal residues on my clothing.

I’m sorry, Nader, but I don’t wanna do the paperwork for you. I am having a little rebellion. People are gonna be mad at me for being rebellious at work. I’m just having a worse and worse attitude. It’s time to go on a major vacation for a long time to an extremely different place. I’m done with this fucking hell hole. I need happy weather and oceans and air and mountains and I need to be surrounded by decent human beings who have souls.

Shungite, hurry. I need to shield and transform my negative energy.


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