I just remembered a horrible dream with a guy in a garbage bag

11:10 AM 5/28/2017

I had a horrible dream last night, and I just remembered it because I saw a similar image in some google image search results. The image that was on google was a guy with a box over his head. Those kinds of images are disturbing to me. I don’t like seeing things where people or animals can’t breathe.

In the dream, I had brought this guy to some authority figure seeking help for him (I know what this is about – something that happened in real life relates to this). This was a guy with long red hair. He was being abused and I wanted someone to help him.

So I took him to this desk where a couple people were sitting. They seemed to be college students. There were, I think, three people sitting at this desk. I left him there, and came back a while later.

I found that they had taken him back to a place behind the desk, and they had a garbage bag over his whole body, or most of it. He was still alive in there. Someone said, ‘Is it tight?’ I assumed that everything was okay and that he was still breathing.

However, I decided just to check and make sure, so I stuck my finger through the garbage bag to rip it open, and when I ripped it open, I saw that everything underneath the garbage bag was NOT okay. I had assumed he was just in there, in the bag, but it turned out that all kinds of stuff was going on in there – he had this bag over his face, and it was a lunch box, an insulated lunch box type of bag. He had also been tied up and restrained so he couldn’t move his arms. I had reason to believe that there might be duct tape or something over his mouth or nose inside the lunch bag thing too. And there were other things over his body, I forget what, things restraining him.

‘Wow, I’m glad I checked!’ I said, and I was just about to start taking this stuff off of him, seeing that he was still alive, and he didn’t seem to be thrashing around or upset about anything – he seemed to be just quietly submitting to this. But that was when I woke up.

The voices said that this was ‘excessive retaliation’ after I woke up. It’s what happens when you go to the authorities asking them to help someone else. If you don’t constantly monitor what they’re doing, they will do something terrible to the person in the name of helping them. That’s what happens if you send someone to the psychiatric ward, for instance.


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