Shungite stone – I ordered some

I ordered one tile, and one bag of tumbled small stones. The tiles are expensive enough that I can’t buy a lot of them, but in the long run, I will make a small area covered with tiles which is able to surround my body, like in a small box with open ends to let air in. This will be my shield. It is experimental. Since I can’t build a surrounding box out of it right now, I will just be testing to see what sensations I feel while touching it. I do feel all sorts of sensations while touching and holding the various crystal beads and semiprecious stones. I just love stones so much, and I would surround myself with stones, build the walls out of stones, decorate everything with semiprecious stones, if I could.

I wonder what kind of stone the Maya spaceship is made out of?

I can’t wait till this gets delivered.

I also ordered a music book, after going to Barnes & Noble and finding out that it wasn’t available in the store right now. I got rid of all my books during the decontamination, and now I want to buy back a couple of them. I also want Diana Leafe Christian’s books back eventually. And Weston Price. Right now I’m getting William Russo’s ‘Composing Music’ book. I also just got the other David Wilcock books, but haven’t really started reading them yet.

I hope that the shungite has interesting effects. People are saying all sorts of things about it. They are describing it as an extremely powerful stone. In the long run, I want to have enough of it to put up tiles all around the walls of a small room, but that would cost thousands of dollars. I could just acquire one tile at a time gradually, over a period of years. But that’s only if I feel that it’s actually doing something, after handling these tumbled stones and this one individual tile. It is supposed to shield from
electromagnetic energy, but they are claiming it does all sorts of other stuff – energy healing, transforming negative energy into positive energy, and so on.

I only know how I feel when I touch things, and I know I feel sensations when I touch these special semiprecious stones and crystals. If something makes me feel good enough that I’m able to meditate without feeling distracted, then it’s worth the money, and that’s what I’m hoping shungite will do.

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