the other houses of Anaya

Anaya includes the 7th house as well, the other half of the Delta Quadra, ESTJ and INFJ. The only reason why I talk about Anaya focusing on understanding the ENFP and ISTP is because that is my own ‘house.’ But I have had so many friends and loved ones and family members, including my ESTJ mom, coming from the other half of the Delta Quadra, that I want to include them as well. The reason why I use the tool of socionics so much while thinking of Anaya is because it is essential for understanding why two people fall in love with each other, and guaranteeing that everyone has someone to fall in love with is one of the explicit purposes of Anaya. I didn’t create socionics, and I don’t understand all the technical aspects of it, but I understand it well enough to use it for the purpose of bringing together compatible types of people so that they can love each other, teach each other, and help each other grow.

Ideally, Anaya would grow to encompass all the 16 types in the socion. However, there are reasons why I’m always emphasizing that it’s only for my type or only for Delta. It’s because I’ve been to churches and I’ve read religious writings, and all of them seem to be controlled by or written by other types, or have speakers who are other types, so that the things they say are not interesting to me, not helpful to me, not relevant to me, and not useful to me. Socionics determines what type of information your brain is able to process quickly, easily, and comfortably. You can receive information from your socionic conflictor all day long and yet never really process more than a few crumbs of it, while feeling constant pain and strain at trying to use your weak functions. But you can easily and quickly take in information from your own socionic quadra, and decide what to do with it, and apply it in your life as needed.

People also take lots and lots of information, over a lifetime, from other types that are outside their quadra. This might possibly come from the ‘contact functions,’ except that I don’t understand how those work well enough to really be sure that’s what it is. I just know that I, and my brother, both ISTPs, have tended to read a lot of books written by NTs; however, I also use a weird 16 component socionic model with plus and minus signs, and that model might explain why that information is useful to us.

Even if I can’t explain it easily because I don’t understand the model well enough, I do know that everyone gets some information from other quadras, over their entire life, especially when they read books.

So, as I was saying, ideally Anaya wants to include the entire socion, with all 16 types. But if it were to do so, I would *delegate* the task of researching each house to a member of that house. It is not possible to be as sympathetic to other socionic types as you are to your own. It is harder to understand them, no matter how much you might admire them, and it is harder to love and accept them, or sometimes even merely to *like* them. It’s true that you will still sometimes dislike members of your own house or quadra, but that is one thing Anaya wants to study – why do particular people annoy you, or why are they incompatible, even if they are a dual or identical type?

With my limited resources, and with my lack of ‘delegates’ to assign to the task, as of right now I only claim to have the slightest understanding of the entire Delta quadra, and that is all. I have a few friends or boyfriends in other quadras, but I don’t understand them as thoroughly and can’t give them what they need as easily as I can for the people inside my own quadra. I sort of ‘love them from afar.’ If Anaya ever becomes a real religion instead of an imaginary religion that I meditate about while lying in bed from chronic fatigue, then Anaya will indeed start delegating people from other quadras to study their own houses (note, the term ‘house’ is not used in socionics – you won’t find it anywhere. It’s just the word I use to refer to ‘a pair of duals.’ I would literally group people together into physical houses to live together in an intentional community, but it might include the entire quadra.).

The other reason why I keep emphasizing that Anaya’s goal is to thoroughly understand the 8th house is because I feel that other religions’ gods could not possibly love me – in fact, they would hate me and want me to burn in hell. They don’t understand me and don’t value me. I want someone who understands and values me no matter what, and ideally, that is what your imaginary god should do, to protect your life under the most terrible circumstances no matter what is happening to you, to always be there for you no matter how badly you are failing. The imaginary god should manifest in a real world community of people who are actually living their lives according to some kind of principle, something different from the mainstream society.

Those people should be similar enough to their god, in their personalities, that they are capable of emulating it. You cannot ever emulate a god whose personality type is different from your own. For instance, some people have described the Old Testament Christian god as an ISTJ, my own quasi-identical in the Beta Quadra. I can’t stand this particular god. It is absolutely evil to me. This is the god who judges entire civilizations and then wipes them out because they are sinful, and then expects you to thank him for it and praise him with constant, outwardly visible, loud, noisy shouts of faith. I just destroyed the entire country next door to you because they had a lot of prostitutes. Tell me how awesome and powerful I am, or I’ll find some excuse to destroy YOUR town, too. I can’t relate to this ISTJ god, think it is evil, and find every single word written about it to be a violation of my spirit. How can I emulate that god?

Similarly, Jesus is also not the same type I am. Jesus might be an INFP type, in the Beta quadra, based on the stuff he says. He certainly is not my socionic dual. I don’t think he’s an INFJ in Delta, either. I really don’t think he’s in the Delta quadra. He feels like something alien and evil to me. I cannot emulate him without totally violating my spirit, yet all of Christianity tells us we’re supposed to make ourselves like Jesus.

Therefore… Anaya. I made my own religion, with my own artificially created imaginary god, who is a being that I impart with desired characteristics, and try to contemplate how those characteristics could be possible, or how they would manifest in real human beings with personality types similar to my own – the ISTP, ENFP, INFJ, and ESTJ. Each of these types would have a different emphasis. Each one would manifest in its own specific way. Each one would be able to do some things better than other things. People are not required to violate their own nature to emulate an alien god who is blatantly evil to them and who would hate them if they encountered it in real life.

The god Anaya is also not all one single all-encompassing deity. It is, instead, viewed as a group of beings, both male and female, with different personality types, except that these people are higher people, more ideal, more well developed, much healthier, much more mature, wiser, more knowing, more powerful, more successful, than the average person is. They are admirable people who we would *want* to emulate. These beings are described as mortal, not immortal. They are finite, not infinite. They are not all-knowing or all-seeing. That makes them very, very different from the Christian god. They are simply healthy, admirable people who have the same personality types as my own and the people I love and understand the most. That is what I imagine when I meditate on Anaya.

If I ever cure or improve my chronic fatigue so that I can take action in the real world, then I won’t be sitting around meditating. I will first have to take care of my own needs, but if those are ever taken care of so that I feel secure, I might feel capable of helping other people and making the world a better place, for real, by taking real physical actions in the world. As of right now, it is all just a fantasy.

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