So many aromatherapy oils I don’t even know which one I’m smelling. I went on an adventure to get real dirt for my plants.

I’m not really trying to appreciate the subtle nuances of each and every essential oil. I just love them all and have been dumping them into a huge pool of oils (really just a little shallow plastic lid a couple inches across). I love them so much, I want to take a bath in them, but haven’t actually done that yet. It is possible to put a few drops of oil in the bath, though. Most likely I will do that soon.

I went out and got some real dirt for my plants. There’s a story to what I did. I bought a big planter at Rite Aid, and on my way home, I went up this road which is right next to my apartment. It was the wrong way, and I knew it was the wrong way, but I went there anyhow. I wanted to go to the little wooded area so that I could collect a bunch of real dirt, real humus, made from fallen leaves and sticks, which had not been disturbed for a very long time.

The reason why the wrong way was wrong was because, if you go that way, you will get stuck in a fenced in area, and have to either turn back or climb over the fence. I was wearing some wimpy sandals that were almost falling off because they didn’t have a loop over the back of my ankle. I tried climbing a steep hill on those, and my feet slid backwards right out of them.

So I walked all through this big sports field behind the school, thinking the whole time that somebody would see me and get mad at me because I was there, carrying a ‘bomb,’ the big plastic planter that I was going to put the dirt in. I was a suspicious person trespassing on school property. If anything, it’s a seed bomb – that’s a real thing. I am a guerilla gardener!

Finally I reached this fence and had to go over it. But the last time I climbed a chain link fence, I weighed dozens of pounds less than I do now, and was much smaller. Old ladies do not climb chain link fences barefoot. I did this, at great risk, catching my hooded sweatshirt on the top of the fence and snagging it so it pulled up all my shirt as I was climbing down the other side, right at the moment when some lady was out there walking to the community garden.

But I made it into the woods. At this place, there was a lot of bamboo, which was invading the opposite side of the fence by sending roots underground. Bamboo is extremely hard to eradicate, if you don’t want it. However, it’s a valuable building material, so people should use it for something rather than just chopping it down.

There was this weird looking thing full of electrical wires, which looked dangerous but seemed to be deactivated. It had all these different multicolored connections on it. There was some old surface thing, like a wooden door, something flat and manmade, that I was walking on. I was surrounded by this bamboo jungle, and some huge old tree trunks, and ivy, and it was wet and rainy and the sky was grey. There wasn’t really a path here, just a little tiny space where maybe someone had stepped there a few times.

Something fell out of my bag, which I maybe ought to have abandoned there anyway, because I decided I didn’t want it. I randomly bought a supplement at Rite-Aid, but then decided it was too dangerous to use, so I’m not going to use it, and it would have been okay if it had fallen out of my bag and I had left it there. However, I noticed it was gone from the bag and I went back and picked it up off the ground. I was not happy about having to go back into the bamboo jungle after having gotten out of it. It was right behind someone’s fence and I was afraid someone would get mad at me, and I figured the bamboo trees were all shaking and moving around as I was pushing through them.

I did get out of this and onto the right path that I had intended to go on, which is much easier to reach if you approach it from the opposite side of the fence that I had to climb over. If I had gone the right way, I would have just walked all along that long fence, and then gone directly into the wooded area, no problem. I just needed to collect some soil.

So I got this soil. It seemed like there were rugs buried under the soil. There was junk and garbage there, rotting for decades. I found something that looked like a syringe, and prayed that this wasn’t a heroin users’ dump and that I wasn’t going to poke myself on a needle. But I got enough soil for my planter.

I am not happy about using the normal potting soil that you buy in the store. I don’t know what exactly is in that, but I don’t think it has as many nutrients as real humus from fallen leaves and fallen twigs does. This humus even has real, live insects crawling around in it, which are now in my bedroom. You can’t buy real live insects in your soil from the store.

On the way out of this little jungle I saw a lady at the garden nearby, and I said hi to her… a bit nervously. I’m sure she did see me crawling over the fence and shaking all the bamboo trees and walking back and forth in there looking for the thing that I dropped.

The supplement that I decided was too dangerous for me is called Prevagen, made from apoaequorin, originally found in jellyfish but then synthesized in the laboratory. I looked it up online after buying it, not before, and decided I didn’t like what I was seeing, so I’m not going to use it. I will find some alternative. It’s supposed to help with memory and other cognitive functions.

Well, now I have to move those little herbs into the bigger pot. I also need to buy another live cilantro plant, because the first one died for some reason, and I’m not sure why. The parsley is turning yellow too. Maybe this house is just as toxic as I think it is. But I’ll plant them and see how they do in the new soil. It isn’t from underneath walnut trees, so it won’t kill them with juglone poisoning (which I have accidentally done before).

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