Oh, by the way: the four letter types have this confusing problem that causes mistypings: the J/P switch for introverts in Jungian Cognitive Functions

I’m always using the four letter types because I prefer them over the three letter socionic types (like SLI, EII, LSE, IEE for the Deltas). However, if anyone figured out their type by using the ‘Jungian Cognitive Functions,’ then they are mistyped if they are an introvert. That method gives you a J or P, instead of a P or J respectively, but only for introverts. If you were to type yourself the same way they type extraverts, you’d be typed correctly (assuming everything else you did was correct – it’s not easy to determine a type without using an EEG brain monitor). So all these INFJs are wrongly calling themselves INFPs when they are not. P has a specific meaning, and J has a specific meaning, and the ‘Jungian Cognitive Functions’ people just totally ignore the meaning of those letters. J no longer means judging, and P no longer means perceiving, in their world. This is a huge monkey wrench screwing up all the typology systems.


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