Cleaning my room, and using medicinal herbs

I’m using like a dozen different over-the-counter herbal substances to help myself function. First, a caffeine pill; then a ginseng pill, which unfortunately is the one that contains toxic amounts of fake, synthetic vitamin B12 added to it, but it was the only bottle of ginseng available in the entire store, so, I now have allergies and have been sneezing due to the use of synthetic vitamins. All synthetic vitamins cause sneezing and allergies. To get rid of allergies, stop eating all synthetic vitamins in any form, whether they are added to food or in pills, and your sneezing and allergies will instantly stop within a day.

So, I’m on a caffeine pill, ginseng, Coca-Cola, and then, I also painted a bunch of different essential oils onto my hand, just kind of as a joke. I had started off with one particular kind, then decided to just dump almost all of them on there. I’m noticing that essential oils don’t do a whole lot for me, although I can notice a few mild effects from them. They are mostly for experimentation and
entertainment. I enjoy the smells, especially since I have no sense of smell anymore, so the only things I can smell are extremely strong things.

I also was using my ‘prayer beads,’ which I can no longer buy more of because Crystal Cave went out of business or moved somewhere. It was on Calder Way. Steve showed it to me a few times because he liked the owner and used to chat with her. I loved it, in 2016, when I first started buying crystals and semiprecious stones again. I have always, always loved semiprecious stones and crystals, and now that I am more sensitive and aware, I notice that I can actually feel electricity flowing through them, no joke, and I’m not being all new-agey or woo-woo or anything. I actually feel sensations of electricity flowing in the stones when I hold them or when I touch them against my skin, and it probably varies with the type of stone. They greatly help me focus while meditating, especially if I place them on my face, over my eyes, on my chest, or anywhere else to ease discomfort. I would like to have tons and tons of chains of prayer beads made from semiprecious stones and crystals. Right now, they are just in short little chains of only a few beads, not connected together, which makes them kind of hard to hold onto, because they slide off and fall. It needs to be a big heavy pile of beads to stay in one place without being held down, if I am just draping it or setting it on my body.

Tourmaline is one example. They say tourmaline actually emits electrons, and it has all these weird piezo-properties, like when you heat it up or press on it, it emits some kind of radiation, or infrared or something. I definitely feel energy in the tourmaline stones, in addition to the fact that I absolutely love all their beautiful colors. I would spend huge amounts of money buying beads, stones, and crystals and just filling the house with them, and jewelry, but I don’t have tons of money.

I’m doing a ‘first pass,’ a filter, going through the piles of garbage in the room and removing OBVIOUS GARBAGE, like plastic bags. There is a lot of obvious garbage. After that, on a second or third pass, I will have to remove or organize other things that are less obvious and less easy to decide about.

I’m not getting a lot of friendly help from imaginary friends nowadays. Sometimes, some nice angel will visit me for a short time, but I didn’t tell this story. On the day when I went to Aunt Jean’s church, that night, a very nice voice was talking to me while I was lying in bed, and it was suggesting that I try working on time management again. However, while I was talking to this voice, later on, a bigger voice interrupted us and said, ‘DO NOT BE AFRAID,’ and then it was saying things I couldn’t hear, and then I heard a sound like somebody being strangled or shouting because they had been attacked, and the angel stopped talking to me. I don’t know how much of this was just a ‘show’ they put on for brainwashing purposes, but, that’s what happened. I know a lot of it is just a show to convince me that I can’t have any friends without them being attacked, or something.

I’ve had some not-very-enthusiastic imaginary helpers for a while, especially since Matthew left. Everything fell apart at that time. I’ve also been frequently ‘punished’ for posting anything on Corey Goode or David Wilcock’s site – they are controlling spiders and forcing me to encounter them as punishment for posting anything. They’re trying to tell me that I’m creepy and everyone hates me and they want me to leave. It’s like Luna Lovegood feeding the thestrals in her bare feet and saying to Harry Potter about how Voldemort wants to make him feel alone and isolated.

I’d watch the movies again, but I’ve seen them too many times. I’d like to see a remake by independent producers! With all new actors, and new choices of how everything will be interpreted visually, and new music, everything a completely new take on Harry Potter. They would choose differently about which parts of the book to include in the movie, and which parts to leave out, as a movie must always leave out some of the details and events in the book. It wouldn’t have any resemblance to the existing movies. That would be the whole point. Let’s see it all again, in a whole new way this time.

It could be lower budget – in fact, it would probably be BETTER if it were lower budget and lower tech. They could use more primitive special effects to create the magic. It doesn’t have to have huge, expensive, computer graphic scenes of Harry riding his broom away from a flying dragon that follows him out of the arena and crashes into the rooftops of Hogwarts, or any other garbage that got added into the movies at enormous expense. I really don’t care that much about seeing all that excitement and crap.

But maybe I will watch some other movie instead.

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