Why was Ronald Weasley kissing me in my dream?

I was in some kind of … building… sort of like the HUB on campus, maybe, someplace where lots of people were, and I was using a pay phone which was attached to the wall. While I was using this phone, Ron Weasley was kissing me. Maybe that’s because Steve called me last night for real, and while I was talking on my phone, I was naked because it’s extremely hot in the house and I didn’t have the air conditioner on, and I forgot or ignored the camera on the phone, which is hacked by various people, so that they will see the lower half of someone’s body while they are using the phone. I have gone through phases of duct taping the cameras on the phones, but don’t have it on them now. Cameras are not meant for taking pictures, they are meant for spying on you.

I was also playing some kind of a game in the dream, a video game. I was in a room with three levels in the game. Three floors. Monsters were attacking on all three floors, and this was an impossible room to get through. I had to get through it to get to some other section.

The ‘three floors’ might resemble what I was actually doing on the computer, which was, writing a song on MuseScore, which has lines that could be the ‘floors’ in the dream game. I only write songs when I am under the influence of extremely strong drugs, and the only drug I’ve had recently was the secondhand transdermal residues of Jesse’s seroquel or ‘serotonin’ antidepressant or antipsychotic or whatever they put him on.

Although, I am also eating sage and rosemary, and that helped me make a computer game while I was decaffeinated months ago, but I was unemployed, which meant I had all of my time and all of my energy. Being unemployed is the way, the truth, and the life, but I cannot do it because the world is evil.

I actually was fighting these monsters in this three-floored video game room. There were all kinds of monsters, everywhere, just coming out endlessly and fighting me. It was a huge, impossible battle, and yet somehow I was getting through it, and then, I made it to the end at the lower right corner and got out of the room, into the next section of the game. This definitely represents me using MuseScore, because I did actually finish a section before I got so tired that I had to go to bed and couldn’t write anymore.

I was firing guns at all these monsters, and using different weapons against them, thousands and thousands of them. I was just plowing down all of them, easily. In the game I was thinking, how can I possibly fight all of these? I couldn’t find any ammo, or any resources I needed, or any food, and I was somehow jumping up and down between all three floors as needed, as though I could travel right through the floor. It was like I had super powers.

Well, I don’t know how I was able to write the song, other than because of some kind of drug residues in addition to having had a caffeine pill earlier that day. And I was clearly in a very, very strange mood as I walked home from work down the roads I walked down ‘yesterday.’

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