Apple cider vinegar for weight loss – if you aren’t miserable, then it isn’t working

So, I ordered that Bragg apple cider vinegar – organic, raw, unfiltered, with the mother of vinegar, the cloudy stuff that contains enzymes and other substances. I could buy it in town, like at Nature’s Pantry, but it’s easier for me to order something and have it delivered than it is to ride the bus out to that store.

I tried it, just a little bit of vinegar in the bottom of a cup, and then fill the cup with water. It was still a pretty strong solution. I was only able to drink a couple sips.

Well, according to my own judgment of what is the ‘wrong way’ and the ‘right way’ to drink vinegar, I did it all wrong. I drank it in the evening on an empty stomach, and I drank a solution that was too strong and not diluted enough. It nauseated me after a few sips, so I stopped drinking it, and wondered if it was going to make me throw up, but it didn’t. I also didn’t have a straw to drink through, and I kind of want to get one, because that helps you avoid touching your teeth with the vinegar as you drink it.

Later on, in the middle of the night, I felt like I was having extremely low blood sugar, so I ate a handful of sugar.

I had tried to eat some food that evening after the vinegar, and it was some healthy food I had cooked at home, this mixed frozen seafood stuff (although I have no information about which parts of it were wild caught and which parts were farmed, so it is a mixture of more and less healthy seafood) and multicolored carrots, with the watercress and some other stuff, and coconut oil. I had only a few bites of the food left over, and was trying to eat all the rest of it, but I couldn’t.

I had ‘early satiety’ after the vinegar, but believe me, it is NOT ‘satiety.’ I do not feel at all ‘satisfied.’ I feel like I am still painfully hungry and desperate to eat the food, but I can’t, because I feel like my stomach is full and irritated and I can’t choke down any more food.

And the worst part about this was, it was good, healthy food that I was unable to choke down. You should be allowed to eat unlimited amounts of something that is healthy. I couldn’t even eat these leafy greens, cooked vegetables, seafood, coconut oil, and rice.

Later on, maybe the next day, I think, I diluted the vinegar more, which made it easy to drink the rest of the cup. It was the same cup from the day before that I was unable to finish. It was easy to drink it diluted. This diluted, easy-to-drink vinegar, which I drank along with a meal, not on an empty stomach, had absolutely no effect on me at all that I could tell.

On the websites they say, if you have trouble with it, then avoid drinking it on an empty stomach, and drink it with food instead. That very thing is what makes it stop working, I think. Drinking it less diluted (although still diluted! not straight) on an empty stomach irritates everything, the throat and the stomach, in such a way that it becomes extremely uncomfortable to swallow more than a few bites of food.

If you did that for months and months, you would lose weight the way I did when I had some illness in 1998 or so that gave me ‘early satiety’ for months and months, a mystery which I could not solve and went to the doctors for, and none of them could fix it either – I had to make some dietary changes. I think it was the red container of coffee, Folger’s? I was using Folger’s in the red container, and it was so acidic that it made me unable to eat, and that happens now whenever I ever drink it too. Now that I know about the cigarette color codes, I wonder if ‘red’ coffee is meant to be harsher than ‘blue’ coffee, which is the Maxwell House that I can tolerate better. They’re not allowed to write the word ‘lite’ on a cigarette, and so they change the colors of the boxes to connote weaker or stronger feelings, and ‘red’ is the harshest full flavor one. Blue is associated with something cool and mellow and gentle and peaceful. They study people’s reactions to colors to see what colors are associated with what feelings.

So in order to benefit from using apple cider vinegar, you have to do it wrong, for a really long time. Drink it on an empty stomach, to make yourself feel sick deliberately and to maximize the burning and irritation of your digestive tract. It also does something to lower your blood sugar, and I don’t know what to do about that, if it’s safe to just ignore it. Drink it at a concentration which is about exactly the recipe they described – eight ounces of water with a couple spoons of acid. I forget how much, tablespoons or teaspoons. I just dumped out a little slosh in the bottom of the cup because I have no measuring spoons.

I haven’t tried doing this for months and months. I only drank this a couple days ago, and then haven’t had any more since then. Someone said it’s possible to get osteoporosis. So, well, so it is. You get osteoporosis from coffee too.

I don’t know what else the vinegar does inside your body besides irritate your digestive system so badly that you can no longer swallow much food. It may, or may not, be altering your fat burning metabolism somehow directly. I’m pretty sure it did cause low blood sugar. I don’t have a little fingerprick thing to test my blood sugar right now. I’d have to buy one. So, you just have to starve and be miserable, frustrated, and sick for months and months, and if it doesn’t hurt, then you’re doing it wrong. And yeah, that will make you lose some weight. I don’t know if I’m willing to do that or not. I’d like to at least use a straw, I just don’t have one. I keep forgetting to bring one home from work.

So it might alter your metabolism somehow, but in addition to that, it is a brute force calorie reduction method. Just brute force starvation. I’ve done that before twice, during times when I was extremely sick – the Folgers Coffee time period, which was the mystery I couldn’t solve for months and months, when I could eat only a few bites of food and no doctors ever asked me ‘What are you eating and drinking every day?’

And the second time was when I kept catching and re-catching the Swine Norovirus twice a week, every time there was a football game in this town, when hundreds of thousands of people travel from faraway places to get here, bringing their swine noroviruses with them and throwing up in our bathrooms, which are unventilated so the stagnant
vomit-filled air has the maximum chances of helping you to inhale some floating viruses.

During that time period, when I lived in Bellefonte – was that 2011 or so? – I went months unable to eat. I would have about one day a week when I was able to eat food, maybe two days, and then I would catch the swine norovirus again. I wouldn’t eat because I was afraid of throwing up. I could barely drink liquid either.

It wasn’t a normal norovirus. It made people pass out. It does something to the brain. People were fainting and falling on the floors when they caught this norovirus. A coworker was walking past me at McDonald’s, a new girl I didn’t know very well, and she suddenly passed out and fell to the floor and fell against me. She told us she had been vomiting earlier. A customer at Weis Market was on her way to the pharmacy to get something for ‘swine flu,’ and she passed out, fell on the floor, hit her head, and started bleeding. I was working at Weis and McD at the time. I myself felt sensations like I was going to faint every time I caught the swine norovirus, but I didn’t faint all the way.

And during that time, I lost maybe ten pounds or thirteen pounds or something – I forget how much it was.

So, am I willing to try this? I don’t know. It takes a lot of dedication to force yourself to do something unnatural and painful that goes against every instinct, and to keep doing it for months and months.

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