A list of 24 reasons to grow long hair

1:22 PM 5/20/2017

I’m on caffeine pills today. So, my thought processes are affected by that.

I wrote a list of reasons to grow long hair. These are arguments that I am able to talk about and explain to other people. I can give them in the form of a speech or in the form of a pamphlet. I can discuss them and answer people’s responses or objections to them. I’ve argued about it in forums before and I am familiar with the objections, and if people object, I just won’t try to persuade them. I am only persuading people who feel convinced by my arguments easily, not people who fight hard against them. Only a few people will hear these things and be moved by them. Those who aren’t, I let go.

The very first primary characteristic of the Anaya religion is long hair. This is the very first thing you do when you join, or when you haven’t joined but you’re only thinking about joining. It’s the easiest thing to start doing right away even if you aren’t an official member. You can do it on your own. Anaya has other rules, but the long hair rule is number one. You don’t just instantly start doing all the rules immediately. You do them gradually over time. Even I myself am not complying with most of the rules, and there are reasons why. Anaya is meant to become a group that supports you so it’s easy to live by the rules, such as the rules about what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. If somebody else cooks for you, as a group, it’s easy to avoid going through the McD drive-thru.

Okay, here are the reasons, and I will try to keep them short, which is extremely hard on vivarin pills. I wrote this list on paper first. These arguments, or reasons, will just be a brief sketch that needs to be filled in, not a thorough, detailed argument.

Why should people grow long hair? Why does Anaya do it?

1. Other religions do it because the bible said to, or some other religious text said to. Some say it’s to stop emphasizing physical appearance and the material world. If God wanted men to have short hair, then why did he make it able to grow long? However, God also made us able to use tools, so this argument is kind of weak – God is just as happy when we are using a pair of scissors that he gave us the ability to use. Other religions’ reasons for growing long hair are not necessarily the same as my reasons, but I mention them because these other religions do exist.

2. There are lots of women who love long haired men, but can’t find them, which is why they love rock stars. People who can’t find what they want will be very loyal when they do finally find it, because they know they can’t find it anywhere else. However, loyalty to one individual is not necessarily the argument, because I am advocating a whole group of people doing it, not just one person. So, it increases loyalty to the whole group. There are men who love very long hair on women, too, and can’t find it anywhere and feel almost as frustrated about it. But it’s even harder to find long haired men.

3. I personally love long hair on both sexes. It is not necessarily a form of sexual attraction. I am just as happy to see long hair on women. I have felt this way since I was a very young child, in nursery school, when I had a crush on the boy with the longest hair in class (I still remember his name: Benjy). This is something in me that I can’t explain, and I know other people feel the same way.

4. Religious protection from employers who want to require men to cut their hair. Many men wouldn’t mind growing long hair, except that they have to cut it for their jobs – beards too. If they join an official religion, they now have a legal defense to protect themselves against these employers. Employers cannot discriminate by religion. So that takes away that reason for cutting men’s hair.

5. We need to dissociate long hair from the stereotypes of ‘rock stars,’ ‘homeless men,’ ‘drug-using hippies,’ ‘people who don’t care for themselves,’ ‘cavemen,’ and other negative stereotypes. If a group of healthy people are all growing their hair together, and doing other healthy behaviors, like eating good food and changing their lifestyles, then other people in society will gradually come to recognize that long hair can be a sign of something positive, not always something negative.

6. Even though other religions do have long hair on men and women, I (and many others) don’t feel comfortable just joining those religions – perhaps because we are atheists, or for other reasons. I have looked at some of the religious texts written by the Sikh people, for instance, and, as is almost always true, I feel uncomfortable reading religious texts. They don’t resonate with me somehow. Anaya is a godless religion, although we do meditate, and I personally meditate on an imaginary entity that I call Anaya, but other members aren’t required to do this in order to join. I am clear about the fact that this entity is an imaginary thing that I am inventing. Even atheists can benefit from having *some* kind of religion that changes their lifestyle, and it doesn’t have to have a god.

7. Evolution. Humans are the longest haired species on earth. No other animal has hair as long as we do. Horses have very long hair, and a few other animals have somewhat long hair, but if an alien race were visiting Earth and you wanted to tell them which species is the human species, you would be able to say that the one defining characteristic we have is our extremely long head and beard hair (beards on some races, not all) – the longest of all. Why hide and destroy this unique trait that we evolved with? Why not embrace it proudly and cherish it?

8. Social intimacy. Even if having long hair doesn’t guarantee that people will be sexually attracted to you, it still gives other people in the group a way to have physical contact with you. People can brush or groom others’ hair, as apes groom each other, and it is a comforting intimacy that brings people together. In the USA, we suffer from touch deprivation, many of us. People are afraid to touch each other. This religion intends to fix that, and brushing or touching other people’s hair is one way to help fix it.

9. Aesthetics. It’s interesting to look at long hair. When you can see a complex, detailed object, something that moves and flows, or swings, if it’s straight or wavy hair, or something fluffy, like kinky or curly hair, it’s more interesting than looking at a bare empty space with nothing there. It has colors, and shines, and textures, and many complex surfaces, and is entertaining to the eye.

10. Long hair makes the Anaya people instantly visible to others. Many religious people look exactly the same as everybody else. How can you know them just by looking at them? It’s hard to tell who is a mainstream Christian just by looking at them. However, we don’t wear turbans like the Sikh do, partly because they contribute to traction alopecia. We will need to sometimes braid hair or put it in buns, for safety or modesty or convenience. But if a large group of
long-haired, long-bearded people are all walking down the street together, you can instantly look at them and know they are Anaya.

11. Though some people think long hair means ‘neglect,’ it can also mean long-term stability, consistency, reliability, and a rejection of fads and whims. People who are taking drugs or going into drug withdrawal often chop off their own hair or shave it on a whim, as an act of self-destruction, or even a suicidal act. Very long healthy hair indicates that the overall person has been very healthy and stable for a long time, and isn’t suffering from drug-induced self-destructive impulses. This may also suggest that they are stable in other ways, such as with money or general health.

12. Trust in your marriage. Once again, whims and fads might make your spouse chop off their hair all of a sudden, in the mainstream society. Oftentimes, a man marries a woman who had long hair when she was young, but she chopped it off sometime later, and he can’t beg her to grow it back to make herself beautiful again. Many people refuse to listen and don’t care what their spouses want or how their spouses feel. In Anaya, this will never be an issue. If you marry someone partly because you love their long, gorgeous hair, you know they will still have that long gorgeous hair 70 years from now. Also, laziness or not feeling like taking the trouble of caring for long hair is one reason why people cut it, but in Anaya, you aren’t allowed to give in to that temptation. Anaya helps everyone maintain their hair even if they themselves feel too lazy to do it.

13. Your hair color, texture, and length shows how old you are, shows which family you belong to, and shows your ethnic group and your genes. People can be recognized by the specific texture or color of their hair (although this might be less true for ethnic groups that have all one hair color). Long hair aids in recognizing people. You know that some particular person’s hair is a particular length or curliness. You suspect this person might be someone’s sister or brother because their hair color and texture is the same. You know someone is older because their hair is white. These things are less visible on hair that is shaved off, artificially colored,
straightened, permed, styled, or shorter than terminal length.

14. Anaya makes long hair easy to find, and gives people hope of finding loved ones who will have it. I personally have a lot of trouble finding long haired men to fall in love with, but in a group, I, and others, will always know that somebody is there nearby. We will all see each other frequently and live close together as a group. We will know the group is growing and bringing in new members over time. People shouldn’t have to wait a long time to find someone they feel attracted to, if they suffer from this unfortunate ‘fetish’ of wanting long hair in a society of short haired people. Building a group of people, and increasing the membership, will make us all feel hope that we can find people to love, or at least people who we can enjoy looking at all the time at least.

15. Our group’s long hair provides a strong incentive for people to join us. Why bother joining some other religion if you look at them and can’t see a single thing that they are doing differently from the mainstream society? They eat the same foods as everyone, dress the same way as everyone, wear their hair the same way, and even let their children join the army and fight in wars. Why bother joining mainstream Christianity? But Anaya is clearly different from everyone else, very very different. People can’t find what we have anywhere. And even bald men benefit and have an incentive to join us, because they too are required to grow their remaining hair long, and their beards. Where else can bald men find people who care about how they look, value them, and care about what they do with their hair? They have every reason to join us.

16. Growing hair is an exciting adventure that goes on over time. You can watch the progress and changes over the months, and document it and measure it. Eventually, you will reach terminal length and cannot watch the growth anymore, as individual hairs stop growing, fall out, and start again at the root, and this length is something you probably don’t have much control over. But during the time when it’s growing, it’s very exciting to watch. And it’s exciting to make a change that you can quickly see, when there are so many other things in life that you have no control over or can’t make any progress in. It’s exciting to defy social norms – it takes a lot of courage – and the group would support all the members who were doing it. We’re all doing this together. It gives a camaraderie and feeling of community along with the excitement of doing something new that you’ve never done before.

17. You can spend less money on haircuts and hair products. You can get help with styling and taking care of your hair in the group, without using a lot of expensive products. You no longer have to be ‘perfect’ by mainstream society’s standards, so you no longer have to buy that one particular color that you have to have, or that one particular texture which is the ‘good’ texture while the other texture is the ‘bad’ texture, or the ‘bad’ gray hair that ‘makes you look old.’ These things are no longer a worry or expense for you. Anaya wants you to grow your hair however it naturally grows.

18. On a similar theme, you are no longer supporting the corporations that want your money. All of society is being brainwashed by TV commercials and TV shows and movie stars who make them feel like they have to spend lots of money on something to look the way those people look. These corporations don’t really have your best interests in mind. They just want your money. If you can understand that most of the ‘beauty standards’ that society gives us are only serving the purpose of making somebody rich, maybe you will feel less motivated to obey those standards. These standards have no objective value or objective reasons for doing them. They are not ‘good for you.’ They are good for whoever is getting your money. Those corporations will do anything they can to convince you that you need to feel more insecure and spend more money trying to fix yourself so that others won’t reject you.

19. Short hair might also be preventing people from bonding with each other and feeling attracted to each other. It might even serve the purposes of the depopulation agenda. People should touch other people more often and should feel closer to others and feel attracted to them, and long hair makes that easy to do. Keeping people from loving other people makes us all easy to conquer and control. People need to feel physically attracted to others and need to have some kind of social, family, or sexual intimacy with others. Short hair makes people seem more disposable, and is exemplified by the military’s shaved heads on men whose purpose is to become ‘cannon fodder.’ They are not loved, cherished people whose goal is to live as long as possible and to be happy together. Their purpose is to die. They are slaves. If a person’s unique hair color, length, and texture make them more recognizable as an individual, then a shaved head makes everyone look exactly the same, with no unique characteristics.

20. If you’re already doing just fine out in society, if you are happy, healthy, wealthy, and successful, and have most of what you want in life, then why would you want to join Anaya? Well, it’s true, there are lots of people who have little or nothing to gain by joining. Anaya is for people who are somehow dissatisfied with the way the world is and want to build a better world for ourselves and for the future. Even if you don’t join, and decide to just grow long hair by yourself, you are doing one small thing to change the world, even if it doesn’t have much of an impact. Anaya is for people who have difficulty feeling a sense of community out in the world, who want to be with like-minded people, and aren’t getting what they need elsewhere.

21. I’m not sure how to explain this, but some people view long hair as more spiritual, and have images of religious figures like Jesus with long hair and a beard. It might mean that you aren’t concerned with what society wants or with the material world, although I myself don’t view it that way. That is what some other people say about long hair. In Anaya, it does kind of mean you aren’t concerned with physical appearance anymore, because we, too, don’t tell you that you have to ‘fix’ every little thing that is ‘wrong’ with your hair – we just give you one simple rule, which is, grow it long, don’t worry about it, and let us help you take care of it. We can’t guarantee that you will become ‘gorgeous’ or sexually attractive with long hair – not everyone is – but it doesn’t matter – everyone is required to just follow this simple rule, and don’t worry about the results. Don’t worry if your hair doesn’t grow ‘long enough’ when it reaches terminal length and can’t grow any longer (my own hair stops growing at hip length, even though I’d love to grow it to floor length if I could). Don’t compare yourself to other people and say, ‘My hair isn’t as good as his or her hair.’ The purpose is to improve the overall appearance of the entire group and to create a rule that makes everyone reliable and trustworthy over time. It isn’t to make yourself more beautiful than someone else in the group.

22. I usually view long hair in terms of practical reasons, which are easier for me to explain than spiritual reasons. Anaya is a practical religion. We change our lifestyle, and we have good reasons why we do what we do. Long hair fits with the theme of preventing other injuries to the physical body, such as circumcision or tooth removals. These are very practical things that will make you healthier in the real world and reduce the suffering of the entire group in the long run, especially if members start to have children and raise them by these rules. The goal is to improve your physical life on earth in ways that are immediately visible to you, and to prevent bad things that are done to people by society which shouldn’t be done. Even if you yourself suffered from some kind of irreparable harm like circumcision, unnecessary surgeries, tooth removals, deformities, and so on, it can give you a feeling of hope for the future if you know that you are helping a group of people who will prevent those things for others in the future. I can’t get back my own lost teeth, and can’t regrow my slightly deformed body, but it makes me feel better to know that I can stop those things from happening to somebody else.

23. Hair is one of the only things you can easily control about your physical appearance. It’s really hard to lose weight, and hard to get bigger or gain muscle (if that’s what you want to do), but it’s very easy to just stop cutting your hair and let it grow on its own. It requires no effort. Just simply let your hair grow by itself. It’s fun to have control over something about your physical appearance, which has such a huge impact on how people see you.

24. Seeing is believing. Many people just don’t know that they would love long hair, because they’ve never seen it before. They’ve only seen what society wants them to see. They have to get used to it by seeing it all the time, being surrounded by it, and learning that long hair is normal and acceptable. If you’ve never seen very long hair on a man or woman before, and you suddenly see it, you just can’t help feeling a powerful response to it, even if you have to tell yourself that it’s ‘gross’ or ‘creepy’ because you don’t want to like that person. If you see it on somebody who you like and love for other reasons, for their personality and for everything about them, then it makes your love for them even stronger. People will learn, after seeing us, seeing that we are strong and healthy, seeing that we live a different lifestyle from the rest of society, seeing that we are sane and drug-free, seeing that we aren’t plagued by the sicknesses, deformities, shortened life span, and problems that the rest of society has, and they will learn that these beautiful, amazing people are also strong, respectable, trustworthy people. Creating a group of people who are all changing their lifestyle together in positive ways will help others to ‘see and believe.’ Long hair will only get a more positive connotation as a result.

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