Some guy got thousands of dollars so he could go on a meditation retreat

Well, wouldn’t *I* love to just go on a meditation retreat and get thousands of dollars to do it? He got paid thousands of dollars to just sit in silence with a group of people and claim that this gave him some awesome spiritual growth. I can do that at the local Quaker Meeting if I want to. Yes, Quaker meetings are real. I was told about it by the taxi driver, Ron (who shaved his long hair! đŸ˜¦ ), when he took me home from visiting the painfully loud, deafness-causing church that Matthew invited me to, which he went to because actually Hannah went there first, and he was doing whatever Hannah did. He told me he wasn’t Christian either, until Hannah became Christian, and she did it because some guy made her become Christian to get her out of a bad relationship she had been in previously. So it’s one person following another person who was following another person, and they led us to this deafness-causing rock concert at the edge of town, where I had to take a taxi to get there because Matthew was no longer around to offer to drive me in his car.

The taxi driver told me afterwards that a Quaker meeting really is just a bunch of people sitting and silently meditating together, and maybe one person will speak briefly for a couple minutes – the driver himself had gone there to do this one time.

So even though you can meditate in a group at a Quaker meeting, in your local town, nope, you need $5,000 to go to a meditation retreat. YEP LET’S DO IT I’M GIVING $500,000 TO YOU.

I had to scroll down really, really far by pressing the ‘more’ button to find that one, and it doesn’t have a photo. The ones without a photo are really far down, apparently. All that matters is you have a professional looking photo that looks so good, it was probably purchased from a stock photos web page. The blurry looking photos with real humans who are imperfect get less money, but if you’re wearing a suit, you get more. Who cares what your cause is, all that matters is you’re standing up wearing a suit and looking professional.

I have a feeling that all of this is the Beta quadra. It’s a bunch of ENFJs and ESTPs donating money to each other for money laundering purposes, while real human beings are forced all the way to the bottom of the search list, with their real problems and real needs but imperfect photographs that aren’t perfectly focused, don’t show well dressed people, or aren’t professional looking. Who cares that you need help living your life every day. All I care is whether you have cute kitties, cute children, flowers, and sunlight in your photo. I don’t care if you live in Oregon and you only get sunlight one day out of the entire year – you’ve gotta take a photo ON THAT DAY or else you will not get a single penny from me.

Ohhh… I’m grouchy on this caffeine pill. How the hell am I going to do my job today? I don’t want to go to work.

I have to have my hours cut, NOW. NOW. I cannot live this way. I am suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome caused by the toxic building that I’m living in. I feel the same way I always felt when I would sleep in a hotel during the time when I was camping. My camping equipment became contaminated enough that it was poisoning me too, the sleeping bags that cannot be washed because they’re too big even for the washers at the laundromat.

I need funding to buy my own land. I need a couple thousand bucks to make a down payment on my land.

Can you think of anything frivolous and unproductive I can do that would gain a lot of sympathy so that happy, healthy people would throw money at a cute photograph so as to make people who are already perfectly happy and perfectly healthy, even happier and healthier? Ugly, miserable people get no funding. Who cares about them. I can’t even imagine what type of pointless endeavor I could ask for. If a ‘meditation retreat’ gets thousands and thousands of dollars, then I should be able to get paid to do something equally pointless and insane.

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