19 May, 2017 08:22

Omg. Work sucks.
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2 Responses to “19 May, 2017 08:22”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Nicole Says:

    Harry Browne talked about that in his book, Finding Freedom in an Unfree World, from back in the days when I used to read books. He said he would imagine something in great detail, and imagine how he would respond to it if it were happening. I can do a few tiny fragments of that thought process, but usually get interrupted by my mental phenomena, although I recently started meditating with my semiprecious stone beads draped over my face again and it seems to help me concentrate more. I would have to imagine what it is that I think is ‘inevitable’ which is causing me to fear doing something, and then imagine how I would handle it, like failing classes in college and having an imperfect grade point average. If I can’t do it perfectly, I don’t want to do it at all. Maybe I can change my mindset about college, since I don’t believe the things you learn in college are important anyway – why bother trying to have perfect grades if the material you’re studying isn’t important? It’s possible my mindset has changed about that since I went to college. I could imagine myself failing some classes but continuing to finish college anyway.

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