Mainstream science admits that VLF waves can just bump into solid objects and push them away

It admitted this indirectly. I wasn’t sure why I was being shown a news article about how the Van Allen belts are being pushed outwards by manmade VLF waves. The article said that the Van Allen belts are made of fast moving protons. Protons are a solid object, right?

I already knew that VLF directly transduces electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy. You shoot very low frequency radio at something, and it hits a solid object and changes directly into mechanical energy, bumping things and moving things or making loud noises. Meteor noises are partly explained by this. I never remember the word for it, though. It’s like ‘geophonics’ or
‘geoelectrophonics’ or something like that.

Well, searching for those words got some interesting results I wasn’t looking for – electrophonic hearing, which is stimulated by
electromagnetic fields, and also ‘landmark study proves that magnets can control heat and sound.’

‘Geophysical electrophonics’ is the phrase I was looking for.

So some people in a forum are talking about it and wondering if it can go in reverse – if sounds can control magnets.

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