‘Years in advance’ might not be correct

I don’t like the hopeless feeling I have today. It’s most likely because I’m going into withdrawal from the caffeine I had over the past few days, without using any more. I wanted to say, I don’t like to make it sound like there is no hope for us, the human species, to solve this problem of being controlled by a radio broadcast. I also don’t think that ‘an AI is writing the script of reality years in advance’ is necessarily accurate. It might be disinformation to think that. Anything that makes it seem absolutely hopeless, I usually interpret as disinformation. I had a different interpretation, which was simply that they can be making events happen in the immediate moment in the present without necessarily writing them in advance; also, not all of the gibberish turned out to be meaningful. It may be writing gibberish, and then finding ways to act out the gibberish. Like, ‘Oh, the commander wrote this gibberish, and it’s my duty to find a way to make this gibberish happen in reality somehow,’ like the people acting out the screenplay written by the AI.

One of the things that I recognized when I watched this youtube video (or maybe it was on an article – in fact, I think it’s something my brother linked to on my facebook profile page a couple years ago) was, the AI made a character say, ‘I’ve gotta go to the skull.’ The AI had been ‘seeded’ by reading a bunch of sci-fi books first, and somebody in those books must have said ‘go to the head,’ meaning the bathroom. It took the word ‘head’ and changed it into ‘skull.’ I think ‘head’ means bathroom, doesn’t it? In military terms? I could be wrong. Anyway, a lot of the gibberish is like that. Words become synonyms, and if you had a thesaurus, you could translate the synonyms, and they would resemble fragments of normal sentences.

The only thing that gives me any hope right now is I wrote a note to my manager saying I wanted to work fewer days a week. I am going to run out of money quickly and will have to very carefully use the money Dad is giving me to make sure I can pay my rent. The need to work fewer hours due to extreme chronic fatigue is the reason why I was camping, so I wouldn’t have to pay rent. However, I can’t do anything while camping that makes any progress in my life, nor can I store healthy food, unless I can build infrastructure that is safe from the police’s invade-and-destroy tactics.

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