Mark Forster’s Autofocus method of time management; the AI broadcast is described in Ascension Mysteries

12:09 PM 5/16/2017

I have intermittently used caffeine a few times – I took a pill the other day, the day that I went swimming, and yesterday I drank a cup of decaf in the afternoon. My goal is, if I do use any, then I will do a cooldown the next day by drinking decaf, and then quit it again.

However, I’m still not getting anything done, even on the day when I took the caffeine pill.

I looked at Mark Forster’s Autofocus system again. It’s a very simple method of working on a to-do list, and the method is given away for free on the first page of his website, although the way I found him originally was by buying a book at Barnes & Noble. I think he might be the same personality type I am. The constant emphasis on the idea that the method must not use force, but must instead be smooth, easy, and painless indicates a -Si base function, and his writing style feels like mine, or rather, like a smart version of me, like my father.

However, even though I’ve just barely begun to resurrect my interest in his autofocus system, and resurrect my intention to try to use it again, I haven’t really done anything on it yet. I just wrote the list. I got a highlighter. Last time I tried this, I think I was living in Bellefonte, just before I started living in my car, which would’ve been about 2011, I think. Having an unstable life, living in different places, coping with emergencies and disasters, and having almost no free time at all because I can only go to work, then sleep, then go to work, then sleep, and if I do even the slightest thing at home, it will be some mundane chore like cooking – I like cooking for myself, but even so, life is horrible when all you ever do is work, sleep, cook for yourself, and then go a week or two without even being able to cook for yourself because all you can manage is work and sleep.

I was watching videos about North Korea today. The North Korean people interviewed, people who escaped, said that while they were there, they were indeed happy, because they were very close to all the people around them, even though they were starving. This is true of any primitive society as well, not just a semi-modernized country. People living as hunter gatherers are also going to be more happy. When they moved out into the world, and ended up in South Korea, where they were being interviewed, they were very unhappy, living in a world of money-slaves who did nothing but work. They didn’t use the word ‘slaves,’ but it is slavery. Land ownership is slavery. You have to pay money just to be allowed to exist on a tiny square of land, and the amount you pay is astronomical. The slavery goes on from there – electricity payments, expensive food that you cannot hunt and gather, water payments, everything.

I want to put Anaya on my to-do list for autofocus, but it is not actionable at all. So what I did write down on the list was, something like ‘Think about how Anaya can be made actionable.’ Forster encourages you to put creative things on your list, like ‘think about x,’ rather than just a long list of mundane things. So I now have a to-do item to, at the very least, think about how Anaya can be made into something actionable.

Anaya is meant to be a community where people are also happy like they are in a primitive society, but it requires somebody to own the land they live on and somehow to pay for it, unless we had an underground breakaway civilization, but building things underground is not easy. It’s dangerous to build even so much as a small room directly under the surface of the soil, because even a few feet of soil will collapse on you unless it’s properly designed. Digging into the ground is technically very hard to do, and I know because I was reading about how to do it a few weeks ago. But living under the ground is the only way to escape from land ownership slavery. Or rather, it’s the only earthly way. If we could go to an unoccupied planet in an undesirable location, then we would be able to live in freedom.

One of the interesting things that I learned from reading The Ascension Mysteries is that the portals that transport people all over the galaxy are actually inside of plasma strings that connect all the stars to each other, which, I guess, are naturally occurring. Also, David Wilcock is very aware of the fact that there is a harmful computer system with an AI (artificial stupidity) which is watching us all the time, influencing our thoughts, and actively preventing us from becoming the best that we can be. I experience it directly and can describe what it feels like.

It doesn’t matter whether this comes from an alien or from a human. All we need to know is, where is the location of the generator of this thing, and how to destroy it, and make sure nobody replaces it if we destroy it. We agree on this. Somebody somewhere has to destroy an object that is generating a radio wave or something similar to a radio wave, which contains garbage and gibberish, and which is actively monitoring everything we do. And don’t worry about me reading this book and being ‘influenced’ or ‘encouraged,’ because I have already known about all this since 2003. I have already known that somebody is going to have to use technology to locate the source of the broadcast and to understand exactly what it is doing.

I do know that I read, years ago, that the cell phone network, just the regular cell phone network, creates a large matrix of
electromagnetic waves everywhere, and if somebody interprets some data generated by this matrix, they are able to see objects and people moving around everywhere they go. So they watch the waves bouncing off everybody as they move through the cell phone field, basically, and interpret the data to figure out where they are located. I guess it is similar to radar. I also know that some of my mental phenomena slightly improve when I go to places that have *less* cell phone coverage, although it did not go entirely away when I went to Green Bank WV, where they have restricted radio communications and no cell coverage. The phenomena change when I move from place to place, which is probably why they have done everything they can to prevent me from relocating.

I wasn’t gonna write a huge blog because I have to take a shower and get ready for work.

So, I’ve reopened my interest in, and my attempt to start using, the autofocus method of time management, but haven’t really started using it officially yet. I began working on it today, but didn’t do anything on the list yet, and took a nap after watching some videos. Using the method doesn’t force you to do anything, and won’t work miracles, but it does reduce the pain you feel at looking at an item on the to-do list. I only know that he seems to be an ISTP like I am. Methods designed by an ISTP for an ISTP are the most likely to be effective for me.

Oh yeah, near the end of the Ascension Mysteries, he describes how he is basically transcribing the gibberish voices in his head, but he was using a particular method of hearing them, and I forget exactly what he said he was doing. He was writing them down every day for years and keeping track of them, and they turned out to be very accurate and specific predictions of the future like ten or fifteen years in advance or something.

This was actually rather horrifying for me to read, because the gibberish and cryptic words that he was writing looked 100% like artificial intelligence to me. There is a particular ‘style’ that results from things created by artificial intelligence, and I recognized that style. I saw this before. There was, like, a screenplay written entirely by artificial intelligence, which some people acted out, and it was hilarious and weird. It has a style of being semi-coherent nonsense with fragments of understandable meaning in it.

If this is the case, then that means that an artificial intelligence is writing and controlling future events many years in advance, which would explain the reason why literal physical objects are treated as symbolic objects. It’s not a real person with a real physical body who is controlling all the events of the world. It’s a stupid computer who has no concept of how it feels to have a body. I have seen many incidents of events being symbolic and physical people and creatures being treated as objects of symbolism, things which have no feelings of their own but are instead merely tools to move around and use for various purposes. If you have no concept of a body, you also cannot have empathy for those who do have one. They are merely ‘words in a sentence’ to you, and will be seen as objects, with no awareness of any internal feeling or internal sensations that they have. This is also why it’s indifferent to all our begging and pleading, and why I receive these stupid gibberish voices screaming things that purport to express emotions, but nothing they do ever changes in response. When you express an emotion, it’s not merely supposed to be a feeling that comes out and then nothing changes. You are supposed to change your behavior after expressing an emotion. Like, ‘I’m sorry! I’ll never do that again.’ Nope, it’s all just gibberish computer voices relentlessly screaming ‘I’m sorry!’ and then doing the exact same thing again for eternity. That’s been my experience with the gibberish.

I can’t really transcribe what the artificial stupidity is putting into my head, mostly because I just can’t hear it well enough unless I’m on antidepressants, and then, when I can hear it, it is utterly horrible and absolutely evil and sinister. There is also a constant mumble, which is slightly less sinister, but still not a very positive thing, and it is so quiet that I mostly can’t hear what it’s saying well enough to transcribe it, and it goes on literally nonstop, as in, every second of every day it is mumbling something in my head. I would have to interrupt it over and over to write down what it said, and then I would be missing everything it said in between.

So, as always, the goal is first of all to produce effective shielding. Even the slightest reduction in the attacks is highly desirable and worth doing. All I need to build a shield is a house of my own where I will not have roommates and will not be constantly forced to move from one place to another. If I own a van and the shield is in the back of the van, that’s fine too. It simply has to have a place where I can build it, store it, and use it, without it being seen by roommates and landlords and without me having to transport it down several flights of steps every time I’m forced to go move to a new apartment.

By the way, if I don’t get another apartment before the end of July, then I will be camping again, or hunting for sublets again. And I really, really like living right next door to a grocery store and a shopping center, especially this one with the thrift store where I can buy clothes.

I’m gonna go take a shower.

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