Even something as simple as a box of aluminum provides semi-decent partial shielding

I need to look it up again, and I don’t have time, and the only reason I’m still sitting here at the computer is because I’m eating something before I get in the shower. There were shields made by some Russians who were researching something like remote viewing, and they had a name. The first word that comes up in my mind is something like ‘Klondike Shields’ or something, but that’s not it, but it was a scientist’s name. I can google it again. They were just a spiral of metal that the person stood or laid down inside of, and they have photos of people inside one of them, although that one wasn’t the only kind that existed. Then they were doing experiments where they tried to transmit symbols psychically to another location far away, and it worked better when they were in these shields.

Even just a cardboard box covered with aluminum foil is going to have just a very slight reduction in the background noise, and is worth doing. Because of the chaos of my life, and because I have to move out of this apartment and into a new one in only the blink of an eye (two months, or less), I can’t make one even out of cardboard right now. I need a stable place to live for a long time without being moved, and without invaders like police officers ripping holes in my tent.

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