Still hanging on, almost done. Odd connection to a construction worker or whatever he was

I survived the overnight with a full cup of decaf and some chocolate snacks.

I saw a grown man who looked and felt like Agustin, as though it was his father. There was a silent connection to him. These Mexican/Guatemalan people are much more connected than we are. I feel a stronger empathic bond with them than I do with my own people sometimes. I can believe in the existence of the Maya breakaway civilization. They already have an independent group in Guatemala living the traditional lifestyle, and groups that escaped into the jungle during the Spanish invasion.

I ate a microwave meal on plastic today, so my hormones are messed up. I especially can’t think of people sexually until I no longer have trich. I just remember we all loved the Guatemalans, all of us at Kaarma, and I’m not the only one who has had a relationship with one of them.
But an advanced, space-flying technological breakaway civilization? Yeah, I think so.

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