Dinner with Aunt Jean, cousin Carol, saw my dad and Jean’s boyfriend Jack; and a sequel to ‘What Dreams May Come,’ a movie about reincarnation and heaven and hell

It’s a beautiful, clear, cool day, and all the flowers are blooming. I went to Foxdale Village where Aunt Jean lives, and cousin Carol took us to a nearby church for the dinner. My dad was visiting Aunt Jean. He had gone to see a horse sanctuary and had stopped up here to see us too. Jack had some kind of problem and collapsed while he was in a store a few days ago, but is doing okay as of right now.

It’s interesting to look at Aunt Jean and see how healthy she seems to be for 87, in my opinion. She isn’t really healthy in an ideal way – she has a hip and knee replacement, and is type 2 diabetic and uses some insulin and has a weird diet with practically no fat, which I’m not really happy about. But in spite of that she seems to be healthy. I do question some of the things I’ve learned, and I’m able to question a little bit about fats. I think primitive hunter gatherers would not have had as much fat in the diet as the modern Weston Price advocates are doing. It was simply harder to obtain.

I came home on my bike after this dinner with a feeling of
semi-happiness, although it is not a deep or strong happiness. It is a small, frail, unfinished happiness. I’m glad to see my family. I also hugged various people who are on all sorts of drugs, so I have some ‘happy drugs’ along with it – I absorb other people’s drugs through my skin, after they excrete the partially metabolized drugs through their skin, and these metabolites are still active and cause side effects.

I was seeing something that made me think of ‘What Dreams May Come.’ It wasn’t just because all the flowers are blooming. Lilacs – they were everywhere in that movie. The colors were associated with particular people and particular moods, red and blue/violet mostly. I was thinking… The sequel to ‘What Dreams May Come’ would elaborate upon the world created in the original movie, with the same ‘rules’ of that world. You can’t do this, you can’t do that. It could tie in several time periods – the time period of the first movie, and the time period in the next life when Christy and Annie met again.

But there is a sinister theme. It turns out that somebody evil actually arranged for all the children and Christy to be killed, for the purpose of getting Annie to go to hell, and they never thought he’d be able to rescue her. Now they’re going to try again in the next lifetime to get her. We get a look back at the previous movie behind the scenes of what happened. There is some series of events that led up to all the car crashes that killed them all, and we see those events, and it’s not a mere accident or coincidence.

I feel like I’m riding through that movie right now in the spring when all the flower petals are falling everywhere as I’m on my bike.

To explore the idea of the movie further, we would discover that there are active groups of people who are doing evil and doing good. The movie was godless, but also Satanless, the first movie. Maybe there is more to it than that. Maybe they just hadn’t seen any of them in a long time. I don’t want it to be a mere battle between only two forces, as I see the universe as a place with many forces who are in gray areas of good and evil which are hard to classify, and some of them are allied with each other, sometimes reluctantly. The sequel would have to still be confident about its idea of what is good, and how to save Annie. How could he save her again? Would she save him instead? Is somebody going to try to get Christy? What about their children – is there anything significant or important about them in the next life?

I really felt that this would be a good idea for a sequel, and that there are so many possible things to explore and develop, unanswered questions and ideas that were only glimpsed in the first movie.

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