My symptoms are greatly reduced, along with my racism

2:42 PM 5/12/2017

So, this is sort of good news, for the moment, but I am not sure of it yet and want to do more testing. There are test kits you can order at home, although they are $80. I hate psychological pricing: they are actually $79 – in my world, psychological pricing is illegal, and I’m not a libertarian anymore because of stupid stuff like this that the free market insists on doing, no matter how much of an inconvenience it is to the consumer. This is an example of what people mean when they say that capitalists will do anything at all to scrape up a few more pennies of profit, and don’t care what consumers want. NOBODY WANTS PSYCHOLOGICAL PRICING, yet it is everywhere, universal, and unavoidable. You can’t escape from it, you can’t find any
alternatives to it, and even nice, decent, intelligent people are using it – I brought this topic up in a forum and talked to some people who I liked who told me they themselves put $.99 on everything they sold, just because that’s what we do.


So I can get test kits.

I noticed that my dislike of black people also greatly reduced along with my symptoms. I have had several incidents of meeting or talking to black men in public places, at work or while shopping, just brief incidents, where I felt less disgusted by them and felt that they might actually be nice, decent people. When my symptoms were worse, I pretty much loathed all black men, even the nice ones, and was thinking disgusted thoughts about them in spite of their niceness. I can still be annoyed by particular people, who might be worse examples of black people, but overall, my attitude towards black men improves as my STD is reduced.

I will not take for granted that I am cured until I do some more tests. There are still some symptoms which are not completely gone, and I expect that the infection will regrow as time passes without antibiotics. However, the antibiotics made me so exhausted I could not just get more and keep taking them. I have to live my life and I have urgent things that need to be done. I only know that other people on the internet say that they have struggled with
trichomoniasis for many months or years and haven’t been able to get rid of it, and I believe this is possible and I will be watching out for it.

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