Last antibiotic; Jesse came home

I don’t have time to write this. I have to go to work. I am dead, dead, dead exhausted, and I’m not taking any more antibiotics right now. I’m pretty sure they are making me a lot more tired, and I can’t afford to be any more tired. They are also not 100% effective. I’m going to order some stuff online, like at-home trichomoniasis tests. Yes, I’m extremely frustrated about this not being easy to do, and also very concerned about how it would be cured in men, if it goes into the prostate gland. If it goes into the prostate, then does it go up to the ovaries? If so, it has to be treated by something that goes everywhere, not merely a douche of some sort.

Also, I looked for a douche last night (and didn’t think to go into the dozens of bars around this town to find them, as I know there are hundreds of them out there) – at the pharmacy, that is, and they had warnings that said you shouldn’t use any kind of douche if you have an STD because it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease and some other stuff. So I am going to use the ‘tampon method’ that I saw described, where you put diluted tea tree oil on a tampon. You’re not supposed to use oils at full strength, I know.

Jesse came home. He called me while I was at work yesterday. Some stuff happened to him that I don’t have time to tell. He was supposed to fly home on a particular day but was delayed when he got thrown in jail, to make a long story short. I forget which day now, but it wouldn’t have mattered, because I’m pretty sure Matthew was already gone by then.

He has another girlfriend, and he and I did not have sex, and I didn’t have to explain that I have an STD and didn’t have to tell the story of the ‘de facto rape’ – it was rape because I am mind controlled and therefore cannot protect myself the way I used to before I was mind controlled. I can’t say no when I want to say no because I am forcibly brainwashed to say yes. Even though it seemed like I was physically able to leave the room and wasn’t physically restrained, I am under constant mind control and do not have free will.

It’s interesting, even though I have only a few tiny fragments of data, I can now compare Jesse and Matthew, socionic lookalikes, ESFP and ENFP. I can say, ‘What did Matthew do that was so unusual, that Jesse would never do?’

I have to go to work now. Last antibiotic, and then I have to work on trying alternatives and doing at-home testing.

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