Not 100% gone, almost done with pills – time for alternatives

8:59 AM 5/9/2017

This isn’t going to be a super long blog. I’m on the 6th day of my antibiotics. It’s not working 100%. When I had giardiasis, Flagyl worked immediately for that on the very first day, but it’s not working for this. I can feel tickling sensations of parasites crawling, and the burning inside my vagina is still there. The discharge is less severe than it was before, but that’s also because I’m able to take showers now that I’m not camping – my whole situation is more hygienic.

So I am looking at alternative cures now. I do at least have a diagnosis for sure. I could even try the pawpaw pills, used vaginally, that I didn’t use for Mom’s cancer. I won’t do that when I’m working, because those cause vomiting, and I have a feeling they are so toxic they will cause vomiting even when used vaginally.

The infection does seem to be less bad.

All the discussions talk about curing it in women, but not men. You can’t do suppositories or douches or whatever in men. What on earth would you use for them? Pawpaws are antiparasitic and are used for lice. It’s not something that I will take lightly. I’m also going to do tea tree oil. But again, how could a man do tea tree oil? It was a douche. There must be some method of douching a penis. How far up inside the penis does the infection go?

So, I will try the tea tree oil douche first, keeping in mind that it must be even harder to treat a man with the infection, and that some method must be devised.

The Flagyl might have slightly reduced my infection, but it is definitely not 100% gone, and like I said, I’m almost done with the pills. I’m not going to try taking it again. Other people on the net are having the same problem.

One Response to “Not 100% gone, almost done with pills – time for alternatives”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “You can’t do suppositories or douches or whatever in men.”

    O YES U CAN!!!!

    Long before I met you when I lived across the street from Planned Parenthood on 2nd St. in HBG. I went there for STD screening after a weird 1 night stand. I believe it was the test for gonorrhea that involved a Q-tip…

    Men don’t get UTI’s as often because normally nothing get inserted into their much smaller moist cavern. If I may suggest, perhaps flushing out the depths from within with di-hydrogen oxide might be helpful. In other words drink a lot of water!

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