Loling at the trolling

I’m reading a website which is 100% troll. It was talking about hacking, frequently asked questions, tutorials, etc. Let me quote something which is pure, 100% troll:

“Always empty your recycling bin

Countless hackers have been caught even after deleting their files.

Imagine you’re on KaZaA downloading some hacking tools to try out and you decide to try Sub7. So you download it, use it to crack into something like a web site, and then you delete it.

What you didn’t know is that it’s still in your recycling bin and can be found. This is evidence that the F.B.I. can use against you. When you’re done hacking and deleting your tools, always make sure to right click on your recycling bin and click “Empty Recycling Bin”.

Microsoft does this to prevent accidentally deleting something on accident. Only after emptying your recycling bin can you be sure that your deleted hacking software is 100% clear from your hard drive.”

This is hilarious. You delete something to uninstall it? As in, delete it so it goes into the recycle bin? Don’t you even UNINSTALL it? Or is it not something that has to be installed, or what? Who, seriously, gets caught because they forgot to empty their recycle bin? And no, it’s not true at all that something is completely gone after that. If it was installed at all, then it’s all over the registry, although I don’t know what type of tools he’s talking about, so maybe you don’t install them the way you usually install software.

I have to read trolls this like before I can find real, actual tutorials that actually tell me something I don’t know.

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    Loling at the trolling | Retmeishka

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