Fifty Shades Greyer was just boring, and I’m not traumatized this time, but I laughed out loud at the helicopter crashing

I just can’t stand Christian Grey. He’s unbearably boring, and yes, that’s the socionics talking. He’s a Beta ST and I’m a Delta ST. His entire way of being, his physical body, his face, his hair, and the way that they think his ‘muscles’ are attractive, is just unbearably boring to me. Muscles can be attractive, but only on a guy who I’m already attracted to for other reasons, and only in particular circumstances. Muscles are usually repulsive. Maybe particular kinds of muscles on particular people who are not too excessively large. Christian Grey’s hairstyle is also incredibly ugly to me.

So, this movie aroused me for a fraction of a second, the first time they kissed in the movie, and then, after that, every time they started to have sex, I was like, ‘Oh no, not again,’ and turned the volume down. Luckily, I was able to get it with subtitles so I could read what they were saying, because I would not have had any idea what was happening through 90% of the movie as I had the volume down most of the time, although I partly do that because I don’t know how my roommate feels about me watching movies in general.

I can’t quite explain why I laughed out loud when his helicopter crashed. It was okay when it was in the process of falling down, but when it finally hit the ground, and the lady in the other seat screamed, I laughed out loud and kept laughing for several seconds. It was the way she screamed. It seemed so gentle, so fake, so cheesy, and so not-at-all-terrifying, and totally unrealistic. Oh no! We fell with a gentle bump onto the soft ground, AND I’M SCREAMING!!!! I just couldn’t help it.

This movie isn’t even a disclosure. The real disclosure of the real thing is like, daily brutal murders while laughing, raping children, poisoning people, ripping people’s body parts off, and so on. Whatever it is that evil people are secretly doing in the world, this movie isn’t it.

It all was just kind of pathetic, and boring. But at least I’m not deeply traumatized, sickened, and exhausted like I was the last time when I watched the first movie.

I should watch something else that makes me feel better, but I don’t know what to watch. I don’t feel the horrible need to be cleansed inside and out like I did last time. Last time I was so sickened I had to watch something else that I knew I liked already, just to get rid of the disgusting feeling. Maybe I will browse the list of movies or something.

One Response to “Fifty Shades Greyer was just boring, and I’m not traumatized this time, but I laughed out loud at the helicopter crashing”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    …play a game instead…

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