My false negatives came back today! But we’re waiting on more tests

When she gave me my false negatives for gonorrhea and chlamydia, I asked her if they tested for trichomoniasis. She said, ‘Ummm,’ in a doubtful voice, and I said, ‘Never mind, it’s okay,’ but she started looking at something and told me to hold on so she could find out. I mentioned that the free clinic in town didn’t test for that one.

She came back a minute later and said, ‘Yes, trichomoniasis is on the list of vaginosis tests we’re still waiting on. We’re also still waiting on the urine test.’ So I might still get a positive result for trichomoniasis. If I don’t, I’m gonna scream, because it means I have some newly invented STD that doesn’t even exist yet.

Getting a true positive result, when I actually have a disease, would be like winning the lottery! I’ve been given permission to cure my disease!

I wonder if I have to take Flagyl or something if it’s trich. I took Flagyl when I got that thing that starts with a G or has a G in it, when I drank creek water and had diarrhea that wouldn’t go away until I felt like I was gonna pass out from lack of electrolytes.
Giardiasis. Trich is a parasitic infection, like giardiasis. I had no unusual reactions to Flagyl, so if it’s that, I should be okay.

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