Unscrewing the screws; no electricity

My food in the fridge will spoil, because of our stupid monopoly electricity providers and building designers that don’t give us off-the-grid power produced on site. They don’t care enough about power self-sufficiency. Unscrewing: in the dream, to dismantle the toilet we were trapped in, they had to unscrew the screws as fast as possible. Those screws are the tornadoes. We have mammatus-looking clouds going over right now – this is a line of multiple storms. There is lightning again, but it’s not directly over me. I still can’t use the internet to look at the radar. I can’t light a candle or the smoke alarm will probably go off. I see tiny candle-like lights in windows on the opposite side of the street. Their power is gone too, but not the power only a short distance down the street, and also not “The Hum.” I can hear machinery somewhere going “Eeehhhhhhhhhh” constantly. These hums are things like ventilation fans and stuff. My ears are clogged because I laid in the bathtub while channeling various thought processes. I need my ears cleaned desperately. So I can’t really identify this hum. It’s a medium high pitch like a faraway leaf blower, but constant.

4 Responses to “Unscrewing the screws; no electricity”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    My roof has a leak, but the storm reminded me of grabbing you by the ankles 😉 E

  2. Nicole Says:

    What happened where you grabbed me by the ankles? Was this a dream you had or a real event that I’ve forgotten?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    …saving Joes rabbits before the flood…

  4. Nicole Says:

    Oh yeah, I do sorta remember that. I had forgotten all about it!

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