They explained the dream

The packet of sauce was actually the packets of cat food that were making Jacob vomit recently. I changed to a different cat food because of it. I don’t know why they made him sick when they never did before. If it was contamination, melamine or something, he’s lucky to be alive. I dumped this vomit inducing food in the dream to signify that it was a vomit inducing storm carrying diseases or possibly disturbing the sewers. I know diseases fall from the sky though even if it doesn’t do anything to the sewers. I heard somebody upstairs coughing like they were vomiting a while ago. The toilet in the dream was the swirling water of the giant storm going over us. The girls in the dream might have been me, my roommate, and possibly the girl I typed as a SLI yesterday at the urgent care office. ISTP like myself. She was awkward when I left because she sensed, by my tone, that I had an unresolved concern. I wish I could tell her she’s awesome and I love her. She just doesn’t know my disease as well as I do. People who haven’t seen the progression and history of the disease will automatically have a misconception of what the disease is. Diagnosis is like disclosure: everyone is born ignorant. If I were in her shoes, I’d have some misconception of what this disease was too. We were all flushing down the toilet which was the spiral storm going over us. The broken glass might be because the windows were slightly open in the apartment. Somebody was frantically dismantling the storm, fighting back against weather control.

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