The lights are going off and on like on the sinking Titanic. Monster storm.

I can’t look on AccuWeather to see the radar and look for tornado warnings. The wind hit the side of this building so hard it moved. I’m in a brick building. Today I donated $20 to Corey Goode, approximately balancing the fact that I just bought David Wilcock’s book. I figured if I give money to one it should go to both. Well, now I wake up from a nap with horrifying nightmares and a hellstorm outside. The nightmare was a couple girls being pushed down into a toilet with a broken glass lid, which we went through, passing trough the glass, then we were unable to get out. They did the same to my cat Jacob. I know one girl was me. We were frantically trying to get them out and screaming for help. We had to dismantle the thing they had been pulled inside of. After getting Jacob out I saw him lying on the ground, and I thought he was alive, and I dropped something out of like a black sauce packet, like sweet and sour sauce, onto him. Alien dreams.

3 Responses to “The lights are going off and on like on the sinking Titanic. Monster storm.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    When you finish Ascending I would enjoy borrowing it to read.


  2. Nicole Says:

    Sure! I don’t know how long it will take to finish. It looks like a pretty big book. I will totally lend it to you. He says the first part of it is his personal history, so it is not 100% about the topic of disclosure or ascension or whatever, but I think that is part of what makes it more interesting to me.

  3. Nicole Says:

    Wow, you would understand the ‘Don’t try this at home’ Mr. Wizard incident. I’m reading the book now. Mr. Wizard on TV showed kids how to burn sugar using KNO3, so David Wilcock and his brother did it at home and made a three-foot-tall blue swirling fire in a pie pan on the kitchen table that lasted for two minutes. Weren’t you and your brothers throwing matches at pools of gasoline or something?

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