Poor Jacob doesn’t want to be outside. Jesus was an alien.

I’m sitting outside with him again and what does he do, he goes and meows at the glass door wanting to go back in. He wants to explore the inside of the apartment building. I’d let him, but I want to be sure he doesn’t have to go to the bathroom or anything first. I also would need to know it was a catproof location. This building is huge and complicated and I got lost in it when I tried to explore it.

I picked him up and carried him to a new location and put him down. We’re inside a little plaza surrounded by the building, with a few openings to the outside. I just want to get him into some new scenery temporarily, even if there are no mice to catch here. I’m sure the mice are active in Walnut Springs right now.

Oh, this fiasco. When I went to the free clinic, they gave me something for an STD even without proof that I had one, and then afterwards, the tests came back negative, which was annoying.

At this place, they gave me a prescription, which I haven’t gotten yet and couldn’t anyway because it was closed on Sunday, for an antibiotic for a urinary tract infection, which I don’t have. I only said yes when they asked if there was any pain on urinating, because the STD itself causes a small amount of external pain as well as internal.

It’s almost like they just didn’t believe I really caught an STD. Or maybe the one lady did, but the other didn’t. Or, no, both didn’t. There was an older woman, and when I said "this is so humiliating," she said, "Oh, it’s just part of being a woman," like it’s normal to just get STDs randomly out of nowhere for no reason, like it wasn’t even an STD. Like women just get "vaginal infections." Vaginal infections are TOTALLY NOT NORMAL for me – I never have the slightest problem with my vagina at all, until I had sex with Stefan. Vaginas do not randomly produce buckets of slime that soak through three layers of fabric for no reason just because you’re a woman.

I KNOW the tests will come back negative, which means I will have to ask them what kind of test they are using, and demand another kind of test be done. Or seriously order antibiotics online from disreputable sources. I can do that. I will do the runaround first. I KNOW, I KNOW they will be negative. Now I have to sit for days waiting impatiently.

I know I can find out which antibiotics I need, and order them online, not knowing if they are safe, not knowing if they are what they say they are, from the black market. I would rather not do that. Unless I have to. I will try several more different doctors first.

The only reason I won’t carry Jacob out of this plaza is because he would hide under cars if we went to the parking lot, and it would be very hard to get him.

Reading about ancient aliens actually made me more of a believer in Jesus than I was before. I thought before that he was nothing but 100% pure phallic symbol, and some people later on decided to pretend he was a person and act like he spoke words to them. But now I think he was an alien, and they did in fact see "stars" they could follow when an alien was coming down to earth.

However, the bible is unreadable to me, including Jesus’s words. I think he was an INFP from the Beta quadra, like Osama bin Laden. It’s all symbolism, parables, and an anti-productivity orientation. He basically says, "Don’t bother performing manual labor. Just let society feed you. Starving makes you godly."

When I looked at the comparative religion site, there were several stories of Hindu gods or demons or characters who became godly by starving. Victory over the flesh – as usual. Not a message of taking care of your body at all. Religious myths are Beta quadra stuff.

However, the aliens really did come down. It’s just that not everyone feels that worshipping them is appropriate. I think gnostics are the ones who say, "There might be gods, but those gods are not necessarily our friends." That matches my own attitude.


One Response to “Poor Jacob doesn’t want to be outside. Jesus was an alien.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “STD. Like women just get “vaginal infections”….

    Yup they do!

    You have to consider the environment is so nice and warm, and it has a great Ph., moisture and nutrients galore. Then factor in the proclivities of yeast and bacteria.

    I would say you need to fucking douche girl, particularly after having unprotected sex with random men.

    “Jesus was an alien…”

    Nope an alien/human hybrid perhaps, via artificial insemination yielding that whole virgin birth thong. Virgins becoming pregnant is actually quite possible considering how far those lil spermatozoa can swim in that nice warm moist cavern. A human angel saving a virgin Mary from freezing on a frigid desert night by spooning with her and a nocturnal emission could result in a savior.

    “Starving makes you godly…”

    I just read an article yesterday were they found that the hunger hormone stimulates brain cell growth so fasting may make you omniscient but not omnipotent.

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