Still waiting

My beer belly is less bad than it was. I weighed 152 pounds with all my clothes, shoes, and stuff in my pockets, here at the doctor. I think my beer belly might be shrinking because I’m eating raw vegetables. I’m eating leafy greens and raw mushrooms and stuff. I’m also drinking lots of whole milk, so I’m curious what I would weigh on a lower fat diet, because in spite of all my love for Weston Price, I have observed that eating fat causes me to get fat.


I just finished at the urgent care clinic. I didn’t get a prescription for antibiotics able to treat an STI, but they did give me a prescription for a UTI, which I do not have. Now we must wait for TEST RESULTS WHICH WILL BE FALSE NEGATIVE before I can get something for an STI. They took a swab of vaginal fluid.

I will have to find some other place to get the particular antibiotics I need for an STI if they keep refusing to give them to me based on false negative test results. I could try the other urgent care clinic too. I’m not like some kind of junkie who is using antibiotics recreationally.

Test results are ALWAYS FALSE NEGATIVE. That is an assumption that I make from square one. If anything depends on a test, then nothing will get done because the test will always say nothing is wrong.

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