Prediction: False negatives on test, can’t get antibiotic for STI, drug companies maximize profits

The other free clinic gave me a false negative on gonorrhea and chlamydia. This clinic didn’t say what they were testing for, so I don’t know if they were including a test for trichomoniasis.

I’ve decided that medical tests are yet another tool used by the cabal to destroy humanity. No joke. They design fake tests that don’t work, then convince everyone everywhere that these tests are the best, most reliable tests on earth. Then, people with actual diseases are getting false negatives, and are forced to buy all sorts of different drugs which are the wrong thing, which earns profits for the pharmaceutical companies, because nobody can diagnose what is actually wrong with them when they place all of their faith in fake tests and none of their faith in observations.

THIS IS DELIBERATE. Its goal – to make profits for the companies and to maximize human suffering and death at the same time – the depopulation program. Brainwash all doctors to believe in nothing but tests – tests are the final word – then rig all the tests to give the wrong results and false negatives for everything, no matter what the test is for. The result is profit, profit, profit, profit. Desperate people get one test after another trying to figure out what is wrong, and the test results all produce meaningless gibberish that everyone is trying to read and interpret, but unable to find any meaning in. It would be simple and straightforward to treat an infection with an antibiotic, but no, I have to do a huge runaround and maximize profits during all the chaos, while we pretend not to know that I obviously caught an STD from a member of an ethnic group who is known to be at higher risk of having STDs – it actually comes out and says so on the web pages that talk about this. I have to try one drug after another, one fake test after another, all of which will be false negative, when all I need is just one or two specific antibiotics for my specific STDs.

Am I going to have to break down and order illegal antibiotics online at my own risk?

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