I made it to the urgent care clinic

The people at the other clinic recommended the urgent care place. I have made it here and am now waiting for someone.

Meanwhile, my roommate Anjier called me and asked if I was at home, because she left her keys in the office at school – on the one rare occasion when I am actually not home and stuck on an errand that I have to complete. Although it’s lucky it didn’t happen while I was at work. But I feel like the bad guy for not rushing home to open the door, but this is important. I’m not moving till this is done. I can explain to her where I was. I told her I would be stuck someplace for maybe two hours. I wonder if this is a mind control incident, but if it was, it was a pretty frail attempt to divert me. She’ll be stuck wandering somewhere for a while but she will survive.

It’s hard to explain why I can’t go seeking a new love to replace Matthew. I am being bombarded with mind control every day that reminds me of him, but even without that, I still don’t like to look for boyfriends. I can’t use craigslist to search for ENFPs because the murdering morons control craigslist, and I know this because of what they did to me when I wrote an ad that mentioned how you don’t need to vaccinate pets for rabies over and over – they dropped off a rabid animal at my apartment and made Max fight with it, which gave me rabies by inhalation after I touched him, and I developed all the symptoms of rabies and had to get the vaccine. Those are the people who control craigslist. The person wrote a threatening letter saying "I’d love to come over to play with the cats and the pussy."

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