Oh – the fire spinner omen is explained now!

Remember the fire spinner I saw in the woods on a night when I was moving out my belongings? Or at least I think that’s what I was doing, or else I was just about to later on. I was in the woods, and I heard glass bottles clanking. I had a bunch of bags of garbage that I had put near one entrance to the path, and a bag of laundry also. Yes, that’s what I was doing, garbage and laundry. I left them there, and then walked down the path into the woods in the dark.

When I heard the bottles clanking, I looked behind me nervously, thinking that somebody might be messing with my stuff, with the garbage and laundry bags, if they were throwing bottles into the trash can right beside where I put it. It was odd to have someone else in the woods in the dark at that hour, but not unthinkable – sometimes people go there to smoke weed in the middle of the night, or drink.

So I was going down the path and I heard bottles clanking again, on a different path nearby. I bent down to pick up a stick on the ground, and the voices urged me to, so that I would feel safe carrying a stick. I snapped the stick to make it sharp. When I looked up from doing this, suddenly before me in the woods, on the next path over, in the dark, was a fire dancer. They seemed to have the fire on the ends of strings that they were spinning. It was moving fast enough that I don’t think it was just a stick, but spinning strings with something burning on the end. I wonder how the mind controllers got this person to rationalize his reason for going into the woods and doing this, other than maybe he felt he needed to be away from everyone so he wouldn’t get in trouble while practicing his art?

But in the woods, alone, in the dark, this was an absolutely terrifying vision. It was a terrifying, supernatural thing, and the first thing I thought of was Pennywise the clown, from the book IT by Stephen King. I stood there, frozen, just staring at it, wondering if he knew I was there, wondering if he did this deliberately to scare me. I thought he knew. I thought he was deliberately showing off for me, to terrify me, and then he was going to chase me down and kill me, and I thought he was increasing the dramatic tension beforehand by doing this huge demonstration of fire.

I just stood there frozen, watching this, and then I began to walk away, slowly, not running, up the path. I kept looking behind me, almost thinking that the spinning fire was going to suddenly float through the woods and chase after me, but it didn’t, it stayed in one place.

Then the voice said, ‘People who play with fire are not nice people.’

I already knew about that from Lemony Snicket’s books, ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events,’ which is basically a huge disclosure about pedophilia, stalking, and criminal gangs. The entire book series is pretty much literal truth, but with some things added to make it fanciful and imaginative. The volunteer fire department turns out to be the source of the criminal gangs, and I believe this is based on real life. The firefighters who used to come in as a group to eat at Gino’s Pizza, when I was in West Virginia, were TOTAL FUCKING ASSHOLES, and all the waitresses hated them. The crazy guy who wouldn’t let me stop talking to him at the rest stop when I was going to West Virginia in January was also a firefighter, and a fire-setter. The people who fight the fires also set the fires.

So I knew that already. But this gigantic, dramatic omen which was given to me by the mind controllers, this huge display of fire, and this warning that people who play with fire are not nice people, was a warning about Matthew. I didn’t know it related to Matthew at the time. I didn’t know Matthew was anyone significant, and I didn’t know I was going to be horribly traumatized by him yet. I also wonder if the firefighters are somehow involved in torturing Hannah, making her go crazy. Something is missing from the Hannah story, the girl Matthew loves.

The extreme drama of this omen was meant to reflect just how extreme the trauma was going to be when I was blocked by Matthew. The only reason I am recovering from the trauma is because I quit caffeine. If I were still using caffeine, I would be totally unable to recover from this trauma. The omen only made sense in hindsight, and could not be understood at the time when it occurred.

I do like fire spinners when I see them on youtube, and in
demonstrations in real life. I just don’t like them practicing on a nearby path when I’m alone in the woods in the dark of night.

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