I think it’s my turn to be the hacker now

I did read a book many years ago, or rather skimmed it, a book called ‘Counterhacking,’ because I wanted to defend myself or at least understand what was happening. But I have so far shunned the very idea of hacking. I wouldn’t want to do it unless my own computer had its data backed up first. I don’t want to screw up the computer by installing something that turns out to be harmful – hackers are not to be trusted.

When you’re a hacker, and your purpose is to track someone you’ve fallen in love with, do you spiral down into this hell of loving someone from afar but never being able to tell them, because if you tell them, they will instantly reject you for having done this?

I have been hacked for decades now. That started in 2000 and I count it as the time when the trauma based mind control began. However, I have no knowledge from before that, and it could have been going on before then.

I always hated hackers, as soon as I started to understand what was happening. The things people did to my computer were designed to make me think it was being hacked by some particular person; however there is no way to be sure that it actually is that person, so I started to assume it was people who were lying for a reason. I made some assumptions about hackers: they are always going to be physically repulsive people who I would never be attracted to in real life, or who I already rejected in real life. I don’t have time to talk about the phenomenon of how you can’t control who you’re physically attracted to – I’m about to go to work.

Would I be able to have some kind of principles of self-restraint? Like, noninvasiveness? Noninteraction? Don’t try to ‘get their attention’ from afar, while simultaneously being inaccessible and anonymous? Don’t trick them into thinking you’re someone else, someone they love? Maybe I would figure out what the rules are as soon as I saw what was happening. What rules would I have for noninteraction? What kind of ‘reaching out’ is okay?

Somebody reached out to me and saved my life, and I don’t know who it was. Somebody put a link on a web page talking about radio frequency weapons, during a time when I was being mind controlled. Maybe it was the very same person who was also attacking me with those weapons, in which case it was not good, it was evil.

I don’t want to simultaneously do evil and do good. I will have to know always that if I am doing evil, hacking, then I will be blamed for every evil that happens, which is being done by other hackers. The people controlling my mind and hacking my computer – they are not all one single person, and yet, the very best of them, the nicest and kindest ones, are lumped together with the most evil and most horrible ones, simply because they are all ‘hackers’ or ‘mind controllers.’ I need to be prepared to be on the receiving end of that. If someone can’t see you, if someone can’t see who you are, if they don’t know who is doing what, then you might get blamed for the evil things someone else does.

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