still decaffeinated; got some new pants finally; using up the leftover food

I went through a stage of building up food in the fridge, when I first got here. Now I am gradually using it up. I turned up the fridge to 3, and a few things actually got icy, so there may have been a reason why she turned it to a warmer temperature, but it was too warm – it was like 42 when I tested it with a thermometer. It was warm enough that milk would spoil in a single day, basically.

Today I ate some sausage that my roommate gave me. Anjier. I must practice her name. Anjier gave me sausage because she doesn’t really like to eat pork, although she does eat fish and seafood. She got the sausage along with a package of other foods that were delivered, if I recall. I ate the sausage chopped into pieces, boiled in water, with the last kimchi on the side, and froze the other two pieces of sausage.

I have this blueberry milk thing that I make – as long as I’m drinking milk, which probably won’t be forever. I need some other source of vitamin D besides the fake vitamin D in milk. I really want to test the thing I read about, which was that all foods will produce vitamin D if you put them in the sun.

Anyway, I’m mixing frozen wild blueberries with whole organic milk and adding the ‘raw’ brown sugar, which is in big crystals. The blueberries freeze the milk into something that looks like a smoothie. I’m using this kind of thing as a substitute for the luxury of drinking coffee.

I was able to go shopping and get some new pants, FINALLY. I have been wearing the same pair of pants for weeks. I do have another brown pair, but they are contaminated with St. John’s Wort and will affect my behavior. It wouldn’t matter so much if I had not recently been destroyed by losing Matthew; however, anything that affects my behavior now will cause me to do stupid things to try to find him, or try to text him.

I have this level of energy now which comes from quitting caffeine. It is a low, moderate energy level, where I can get done just a few things per day. I am actually more productive when I am off caffeine than when I am on, but when I’m on it, I do a lot more reading and writing and fooling around on the internet. When I’m off it, I do stuff in the real world, like cooking sausage for lunch. I am sleeping more, too. That is why I was able to buy canned cat food, buy new pants, and cook lunch all in one day. Normally that would be too many tasks to do.

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