I’m exaggerating how bad the bike is

For a while, it felt like there was something rusted inside the steering column, and when I tried to turn it left and right, sometimes it was reluctant to turn, so it would only keep going straight. Now, however, it’s been better for a while, as though the rust got scraped off. It turns left and right now. It still needs to be looked at, but it feels almost like normal. I just pay attention to it to make sure it isn’t getting sticky again.

Today I started my period, or, at least, I started spotting, so I took ibuprofen. Ibuprofen does things to me, but without it, I would have to call off sick every time I started my period, which can only be done in an intentional community that values people’s health more than their strict obedience to their schedule. This time, however, I got generic ibuprofen from a store somewhere, Weis or some other grocery store, I forget where, so it won’t be as toxic as the name brand, and hopefully it won’t give me bloodshot eyes.

I had, like, four M&Ms today, and that’s all the caffeine I had so far. I will probably do a cup of decaf again.


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