No Asian antigravity air fryers today

Asians have all the cool stuff. They have gold-plated tungsten coins, and they have magnet-powered motors, and now, apparently, antigravity air fryers. I can find all of these things on I actually found things claiming to be magnet motors on Alibaba, and I’d really like to investigate them. I saw fake magnet motors on youtube, and decided they were fake when I tried to recreate them, but the *principle* is not fake, and it needs to be worked on – this is a long term project, to recreate a magnet powered motor. I refuse to believe it’s not possible. I don’t like the words ‘not possible.’

The bike-borrowing incident also feels like the work of Asians. I can just *feel* that it’s something a crazy Asian would do. I love Asians but they are also fucking insane. They are able to think much faster than I do. If I’m having a conversation with an Asian, they respond before I’ve even finished saying what I’m saying.

My roommate said that the guy with the air fryer wasn’t coming over today because he had a project to do. But she went and cooked something herself. I have ‘cooking envy.’ I’m pretty sure she’s an INFJ. It feels like the type of interaction we’re having, not like an ISFJ.

I don’t like to cook elaborate things, especially not just for myself, but she does. She cooks the kind of things where you cut up tiny quantities of little herbs and spices. I don’t do that. If I get herbs and spices, most likely I am going to grab them out of the package and just eat them as is. The most elaborate thing I made was a sandwich on seeded rye bread with smoked bleu cheese from cows not treated with bovine growth hormone, with organic baby butter lettuce, and fresh dill from a package, and organic pico salsa, and, maybe at one time I made a similar sandwich with smoked sockeye salmon with no added colors and no fake smoke flavor, which is about $10 a pack for a few tiny thin sheets. And then on the side I had frozen wild blueberries and a couple of tamarinds.

COOKING ENVY. I want to have the time and energy to cook things that smell really good like she does.

However I also have cooking envy of the Inuit people, who kill a seal and then eat it raw while sitting on the floor. I am definitely the more uncivilized one of the two of us. I just wiped my salmon-covered hands on my bedsheets. I stopped wearing indoor shoes because we aren’t in a contamination scenario.

Asian shoe-changing follows strict contamination protocols – they know about ephedra, but they don’t know that they know. They have forgotten why they do this. I did exactly the same thing when ephedra was all over my floor. I would wear shoes indoors and change them at every transition, like between clean floors and dirty floors, or outdoors and indoors. Clean shoes had to be protected from touching the ephedra covered surfaces. All the Asians I have lived with wear sandals indoors, and take them off and put a different pair on, at transitions such as the transition between the carpet and the hard floor. It’s so similar to what I did with the ephedra contamination, and ephedra is an Asian herb that they would have used in the past, although not so much nowadays, as they, too, have started using ‘modern’ medicine more. Ephedra is a ‘medicine’ that has no justification for use even when you believe in using herbal medicine. There are people who still claim they are using it because it clears their sinuses. There is no amount small enough to make it safe for use. I know it all from personal experience.

So I stopped wearing the indoor sandals I wore for a few days when I started here. I did actually follow the protocol, but the floor isn’t contaminated and so I stopped, and now I just wear socks. I told the roommate that I had done something similar in the past because I had something on my floor that I was ‘allergic’ to, although I couldn’t explain in more detail. This carpet is still covered with toxic chemicals though.

I do love Asians and I admire them, but at the same time they make me aware that I am sort of slow, and dumb, and shallow, and uncivilized, and rough. I am a bull in a china shop. They are always more well-dressed than I am, at all times. But I don’t really feel like talking about Asians.

Caffeine withdrawal will make me more growth-oriented or
progress-oriented. It did before. I became able to work on learning how to program the video game. I could only do that when I was caffeine-free and using sage and rosemary, although it might have been only the rosemary – I will have to test it again. I was using both. I could use several more herbs as well, but I want to use herbs that won’t have too many side effects. The side effects of sage and rosemary are negligible. St. John’s Wort is too strong, and causes both contamination and chronic fatigue, along with sexual arousal and loss of impulse control. However, it causes interesting things like story-writing and music-writing, which are very valuable.

I will go over the memories of Matthew, this extremely brief relationship which was killed by my taking caffeine pills and releasing the 17 years of trauma. I had horrible fatigue for a while when I was in the tent and unable to take showers, but I’m doing much better now that I can shower. When I’m covered in pesticides and chemicals that causes fatigue. In principle, I don’t believe people should have to shower all the time, but it’s necessary when you’re constantly contaminated with poisons.

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