Comparative religion

I decided to entertain… What the hell was I saying? I got interrupted. Entertain myself by reading about comparative religion, people’s attempts to see how much the various religions agree with or contradict each other. I vaguely recall reading that the ENFP tends to be interested in this. This particular article does in fact seem to be written in ENFP style.

Anaya doesn’t have a mythological basis, which is why I called it a practical religion – it tells you how to live. It is more than an intentional community. It behaves like a religion. It has no gods because I’ve never been visited by aliens. The gods of Anaya are an imaginary abstraction, but everyone is aware of this from the beginning. It is something to meditate on only if someone wants to. It also is a collection of teachings based on some general themes, but the teachings grow and are localized.

So I partly wanted to compare my concept of Anaya to someone else’s analysis of other religions to see if mine had any characteristics in common with them. But I can’t do that thoroughly right now. I’m at work.

I am finding Matthew clones in music bands now. I listen for music that sounds like his and people who look like him.

It’s a shame that suffering creates music, and celebrities are often the most tortured people. I’m pretty sure some songs I love were written by coke addicts and other drug users. He told me his song was about his crazy ex girlfriend, although I don’t see her as an ex. They’re just going through a phase. He’s going back home and will be with her again.

I’m drinking one long drawn out cup of decaf mixed with water until it becomes homeopathic. I’m only on my first cup, but I’m also eating M&Ms. They’ll be gone soon too so I won’t have caffeine from chocolate anymore.

I want to write down the extremely short tale of Matthew, hopefully tonight.


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