“Asymptomatic” = dehydrated

I’ve decided there are no asymptomatic people. When you’re using caffeine you’re so dehydrated – even with only one cup a day – that you can’t produce bodily fluids. Well, there is only one good thing about this now, which is I won’t be able to forget for one instant that I absolutely have to go to the doctor as soon as possible, because I am definitely very symptomatic. Meeting Matthew at the worst possible time – but isn’t it *always* the worst possible time to fall in love with someone, in my chaotic life of constant crisis? One of the pointless forced disclosures was, they forced me to inform him that I had an infection, although at first I did not specify what it was, and I did this in a text message. There was no need to even do that at all, because we *still* weren’t going to have sex, even if nothing had been wrong with me.

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