The zombie loosh machine has been activated

As always, in this infinite time loop of torture, even though it’s not Groundhog Day anymore, and it’s not Edge of Tomorrow, and it’s not that Star Trek Next Generation episode where they’re trapped in a time loop and Data keeps seeing the number 3 or something, I’m in Cycle 472,490 of infinite rejection torture, for the seventeenth year in a row. I had more actual relationships and/or sex with the people who were forced to encounter me since about 2013 when I met Jesse, but Jesse is a non-dual socionic relation, and so have all the others been as well. Delta NFs are known for being door-slammers. This is frequently complained about in forums. We love them, but we hate their tendency to “cut me off, make out like it never happened and like we were nothing… have your friends collect your records and then change your number,” and so on. He is “hung up on somebody that he used to know,” and he is a door-slamming, number-blocking, Facebook-blocking, conveniences to esq avoiding WTF AUTOCORRECT stop fixing all my hyphens!!!!!! Convenience-store-avoiding Christian. And a monogamist. Typical Delta NF. The best relation only if everything about you is perfectly normal and you haven’t experienced a single trauma in your lifetime, but woe betide you if you have the slightest imperfection contaminating your life. Delta NFs, stop this door-slamming behavior and learn how to tolerate imperfect human beings! So he told me he once threw a phone off the bridge to stop himself from talking to some person. I’ve done that kind of thing before, but years ago. I smashed a modem. I found out the mind controllers were forcing me to put on a show (loosh, slavery, suffering) for the hackers spying on me, so I was forced to take naked pictures by mind control. Naked pictures are no longer an option now that I have this beer belly thing that won’t go away.

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