I might be able to briefly mention it

but it’s too painful to talk about in detail. I lost Matthew through a combination of 17 years of trauma-based mind control programming, and caffeine pills that I was using to help myself move into the apartment. I’m getting ready for work and don’t feel up to explaining any details.


6 Responses to “I might be able to briefly mention it”

  1. nebbie916 Says:

    I’ve heard of the Q-Tip method of calming a female cat down during her estrous (heat) cycles.

    How to Calm a Cat in Heat: https://everything2.com/title/How+to+calm+a+cat+in+heat

    What is your opinion on it?

    All About Female Cats in Heat: http://www.pet-happy.com/all-about-female-cats-in-heat/

    This is helpful index page focusing on female cats in estrous.

  2. nebbie916 Says:

    Can I link to your blogsite?

  3. Nicole Says:

    Yeah, you can. And I wish I had some free time and energy because I would collect your info and put it all in one place somewhere and link to it.

  4. nebbie916 Says:

    And for you, here are my blogsites.

    General Blogsite: nebbieblog.wordpress.com

    Fictional Animal Tropes and Representation: https://nebbiesite.wordpress.com

    General Fictional Works and Media Stuff: https://nebbiestuff.wordpress.com

    Feline Colorations, Patterns, and Conformation: https://felinecolorations.wordpress.com

    Wildcats: https://nebbiewildcatsblog.wordpress.com

  5. Nicole Says:

    I was wondering if using a q-tip might cause toxic shock syndrome, the same way a tampon does in a human? Not even kidding. How long is it left in there, I wonder? Supposedly toxic shock comes from absorbent objects. I even think I’ve gotten it by using menstrual pads, which are external.

  6. nebbie916 Says:

    There is another method to calm a cat in heat. This one doesn’t involve sticking something absorbent into the vagina the way the q-tip method in female cats and tampons in human women do.

    It’s called the acupressure method and it involves press one finger right under the tail and next to the vagina when the cat that is in heat is in lordosis (crouched with her butt lifted) and holding her tail to the side. When she yowls, you release your finger.

    Tail held to ge left, press to the right of the tail and vagina; tail held to the right, press to the left of the tail and vagina.

    Since you are not sticking anything into the cat’s vagina in the acupressure method, you won’t raising the risk of toxic shock syndrome.

    What is your opinion on that method?

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