I’m getting angrier and angrier and angrier, and my blood pressure is rising, which means I’m on drugs, because normally my blood pressure just isn’t able to rise no matter what happens. I am searching and searching through EVERY SINGLE BAG IN THIS APARTMENT and I am not finding the other two work uniforms! Are they still back at the tent? I don’t think I left them there on purpose for some reason. I swear I brought them here along with everything else in a bag. I just wanted to try changing out of the uniform I’ve been wearing because I haven’t had a chance to wash it. I need to improve my chronic fatigue and that means I need to get out of contaminated clothing, and they will need to be washed. I can’t improve my chronic fatigue because I have no other work uniforms to change into. I don’t want to take caffeine pills every single day just so that I can remain standing for eight hours while I’m at work.

There is actually contamination on my bags of stuff here, by the way. I never was able to finish the decon before moving into the Youngs’ house last year, and never was able to finish it before moving out. I tried to sort my belongings last fall, but then the winter came and I could not do it in the cold. Now, they are here in this apartment, still contaminated, and I’m touching them and getting it on my hands, which is why my blood pressure is able to rise. I have to wash my hands. But I still can’t do anything about the fatigue from putting on that uniform. I HAVE TO FIND THEM. And I can’t do it now, especially if they are at the tent somewhere, buried under something, because I’m about to go into work now!

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