water edema – what’s causing it?; also I need to finish moving into the apartment with my cat

12:13 PM 4/17/2017

I took just one caffeine pill yesterday, and already my abdomen feels skinnier. So some of the ‘beer gut’ is water edema, and apparently regular coffee isn’t strong enough to get rid of it. I was planning on trying a green coffee pill again, although I know not to eat three of them over a short period of time because ‘it seems like they’re not even doing anything,’ I thought, expecting a caffeine-like effect instead of the horrifying nausea effect that they actually cause. That was a mistake.

‘Water weight’ is not a normal thing that just happens. Something is causing it, like kidney failure. I think the olive leaf pills are involved, but I rarely use them. I am wondering how often I will have to use a diuretic. I want to get an herbal diuretic that isn’t caffeine, something like dandelion (is that diuretic? I forget). I could use essiac tea too. I just need to know if this is going to keep happening permanently forever or if it only needs to be gotten rid of once or twice for some reason. I did read that olive leaf messes with the kidneys.

I’m at the house right now. I’m going to take a shower. Maybe in the next few days I can, reluctantly, move Jacob over here to the house so I can live here full time, then go back and get the rest of my tent later. I can’t take the tent and leave Jacob there. He needs the tent, the blankets and mats, and his food to be there, and that’s about all that’s left, except one or two random objects.

I really need to unpack these bags and put everything into the clear trash bags so I can see what it is. I need to sort through the soggy boxes that got soaked with water and find out if anything important has been messed up, and if so, is it salvageable. I have a few pieces of paper that I don’t want to be waterlogged and ruined.

Matthew – what do I do with him? Shaking my head. He’s going back home in a few weeks. Why am I being put through this torture? What am I supposed to gather from this extremely brief and precious time with him, to learn something, when I can’t even have sex until I go to the doctor, when he’s still preoccupied with his
girl-who-refuses-to-be-a-girlfriend-but-also-refuses-to-let-go. Was I ever THAT arrogant? She doesn’t know how hard it’s going to be to find a husband and have kids later on in life. You have to marry an imperfect person while still young.

I really, really, really need to finish moving into this house instead of camping in one place and then just eating and showering over here, while my roommate wonders what on earth has ever happened to me.

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