I have an ENFP dual, although it’s not accurate to say that I have him

Well, I have talked some more with Matthew in person and in text. I started off guessing all over the map for his type – INTJ, ESFJ, ENFJ, but I have finally figured out that he’s an ENFP, my dual, which explains why he smelled so wonderful. I don’t know where I am in the menstrual cycle but maybe he smelled wonderful when I was ovulating. He smelled better than anyone else I ever smelled, and I thought it was just his laundry detergent, but that can’t be it, because millions of other people would use that same detergent, and none of those people ever smelled wonderful. I had read that people picked their true love by smell, but I never experienced it before. However, he has a problem with a girl back home who he’s obsessed with (note, he loves her and it’s not merely nothing but “obsession,” a word that suggests something unhealthy). She refused to be his girlfriend, but still wanted to be friends, and they haven’t worked this problem out yet, and he’s going back home in a couple weeks. He won’t be coming back – he’s done. So I get to see him intermittently for a few weeks if he goes to MM or if he takes me to church. This was the second time I encountered a male ENFP who felt that he needed to talk about a problem with a previous or ongoing relationship, so now I know to expect this and look for it as a probable sign of an ENFP.

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