I still don’t know if my text messages are being used up by a hacker

I talked to tech support at tracfone and she told me that it’s possible I’m using up to 3 texts per message by sending long blogs through text, which still doesn’t seem like enough to account for losing all the text messages I thought I had available. I just now bought another 1,000 text messages for $5. I had some number, maybe 100, and it still got used up really quickly. I don’t think I even wrote 100/3, like 33, maximum length blog posts. I was texting Matthew when it suddenly stopped working again, so there is some idiotic hacker associated with Matthew who doesn’t want me to text him.

But because the smartphone is actually STUPIDER than the old fashioned phones – DON’T… GET… ME… STARTED! ‘The Cabal’ is the group of people who design and build phones. They are the reason why phones constantly get worse in every way instead of better. This is not a mere pet peeve – it is evil.

Anyway, because the smartphone is actually stupider than the old phones, I CANNOT KNOW HOW MANY MINUTES I HAVE LEFT BY LOOKING DIRECTLY AT MY SMARTPHONE. That’s right, all my other old phones show me exactly how many minutes I have left, but in order to see what’s on the smartphone, I have to go online – even if I don’t have any data minutes left to get online! Too bad, sucks to be me, I have to go someplace and use the internet to get online if I have no data minutes, to find out why my phone isn’t texting anymore.

So I can’t stay at home in the tent, send a big email to my blog, and then quickly go online to see how many texts it deducted, if I have no data on my phone to go online. It should only be up to 3 texts according to this lady, not, like, 50 or 100 per message like it seems to be – it seems to be hemorrhaging texts like crazy. I swear I had a huge number of texts, like 1,000, and then suddenly they were gone, right after I started talking to Matthew.

I hate Beta quadra hacker morons. Whoever it is, it’s probably a beta quadra sociopath. I’m going to try to watch how many texts are being used, after I’ve just bought 1,000, to the best of my ability, even though I can’t go online without data minutes on the phone, which means I’ll have to get online someplace and check it every single time I write a blog and send it from the tent over the text messages, to see how many are being deducted for that.

The reason why this behavior is stupid and pointless, if it is a hacker, is because I’m not going to get with Matthew in the long run anyway. He’s my CONFLICTOR. We can’t spend huge amounts of time together without wearing each other out. We can’t really help each other in a substantial way. I love him, I adore him, he’s sweet and cute and wonderful and I’m happy to see him, but at the same time, I really can’t get very close to him, either, and we’re not going to be marrying each other, and he’s just going to go home in a few weeks to where he came from, and that’s all I will ever see of him. So why even get upset over a few text messages between me and him?
Sociopaths are so fucking retarded.

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    Hopping down the bunny trail.


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