train tracks are like a lifestyle

I don’t have time, and I’m on my phone, and I’m leaving for work soon. I was meditating or fantasizing this morning about Anaya. I often contrast it with Christianity. I can tolerate religion more when I’m on ginseng, and I didn’t drink the energy drinks the last couple days, so I did not run up to Matthew and excitedly hug him the way I did on ginseng – I have strong inhibitions once again. What in the world is that exotic bird I’m hearing, here in the woods? Its song is semi-random notes that sound sort of like a computer game or musical instrument or plucked pizzicato strings. Maybe a mockingbird? But it isn’t doing one song after another. Anyway, Anaya is what I call a “practical religion.” It very strongly invests a lot of resources into changing your lifestyle. It provides a community where living that lifestyle is easy and automatic, so, for instance, we don’t have to blame alcoholics for being unable to resist the urge when they go past a store that sells alcohol. With Anaya, there simply are no stores that sell alcohol. You are not given unnecessary choices that waste your energy constantly, where you must constantly be on guard against bad habits. Train tracks: I made an analogy to moving a train from one pair of tracks to the other. The tracks are a strong, stable lifestyle, a habit pattern that is easy to follow. But you must be moved, and that requires enormous help and resources. So, if Anaya were moving me to my apartment, they would have people available to force me to move every day until I was done. Someone would visit me in person at, say, 7am daily, and drive me with Jacob to the house, then to the doctor. The resources invested in moving our people are enormous, orders of magnitude beyond any other religion’s. I’m going to church with Matthew, I agreed to, but I expect to feel that I’m wasting time, if I’m not on ginseng and therefore not as tolerant and accepting. Anaya is about getting practical results that are immediately visible.


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