Real food

I actually am a little bit concerned that I could get abdominal cancer like Mom did, because I was there in January… 2015??? when they had the chemical spill from Freedom Industries. I drank the water. Our water allegedly wasn’t connected to the one that got contaminated, but I think it went down into the aquifer and spread to other places, because I definitely felt sick after drinking the water. I had weird feelings, like a sort of dizzy or lightheaded feeling.

So I worry just a little bit that this sudden bloating phenomenon that began in the summer of 2016 might be the gradual development of cancer. It’s unusual and uncomfortable.

I can also partially correlate it with olive leaf, but I used to eat olive oil before that and never had this happen before in a
long-lasting way.

Anyway, so today and yesterday I ate real food. I got some organic baby butter lettuce because it has a lot of vitamin K. I got organic portabello mushrooms and organic yellow squash. I actually already wrote about this, I think. I got organic ranch dressing even though it has soybean oil in it.

Today, I got a few more things. When I was at the store yesterday I saw tamarinds and I just suddenly thought, ‘I HAVE TO HAVE THAT.’ I don’t know why I wanted tamarinds so badly. I got them, and I seriously ate about five of them in a row, which is very unusual. And then I got some frozen blueberries.

Now, the only miracle I need is being able to get up early enough in the morning to walk over to the apartment early, so that I can do some stuff before work. I don’t know if I can use medicaid without my medicaid card and papers and stuff. They’re buried in a bag somewhere. I found a few bags of papers, and put them all together into one bag, so that all paper-related things are together, so that I will be able to dig through them more easily.

I can actually still ride my bike, just slowly and only in a straight line on the sidewalk. I never ride on the roads anyway, and I never go very fast anyway, so this is not all that different from how I usually ride my bike. I walked from the tent to the apartment today, and this is an absolute no. I will not walk this far every morning. I just don’t have the money to fix my bike until payday, which is Friday or Thursday, I don’t know exactly when it gets deposited.

This bloated belly thing actually feels like something is being folded or pinched when I bend over or sit down. How on earth can fat people tolerate this? I might have some pain from the STI though, which is probably in my intestines too. If it causes so much vaginal pain it probably causes intestinal pain too. But that wasn’t going on in the summer of 2016 when I first started getting fat for no reason, although back then it wasn’t painful.

I can’t wait to go swimming, but I can’t do that just yet. I have too much other stuff to do.

A lot of my stuff was, sadly, soaked in water, and needs to be sorted through. I need to find out how much is ruined and whether any of it was important.

Okay, I have to get ready for work.

Oh fuck. My cousin on facebook just now mentioned taxes. I forgot all about taxes because of everything going on. It’s almost April 15th. I can’t even, I just can’t.

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh fuck. My cousin on facebook just now mentioned taxes. I forgot all about taxes because of everything going on. It’s almost April 15th. I can’t even, I just can’t.

    15th is weekend so Monday after tis deadline to pay…

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